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Intex Wireless Roaming Headphone In-Depth Review: Wirelesss Wonder Under Rs.750!

When it comes to wireless headphones, there is not much variety available for home users – They are either of cheap quality or too expensive to fit everyone’s budget. But today, I am going to review one of the cheapest, yet most useful wireless roaming gear – Intex Wireless Roaming Headphone! (

Intex Wireless Roaming Headphone Review

Basic Features & Wireless Operation

Intex wireless roaming headphones is basically a 5-in-1 combo you can use for wireless TC viewing or gaming. This headphone is designed to let you access audio wirelessly on a radio frequency 20 – 20KHz.

Wireless Radio

This wireless headphone is also a wireless radio, that lets you tune into your favorite radio frequency without disturbing others. The reception and sound quality for the radio is best compared to wireless transmission.

Wired Audio Quality

It also comes with a 3.5mm Cable you can put in and use it with your laptop or phone, which improves sound quality to 200% and adds high quality bass to your experience. It also does not need/consume battery, when connected via cable.

Wireless Range & Quality

These headphones claims to operate well within 30m radius, and proved to work exactly as described. While testing, I kept it in a living room and I managed to get a signal at every possible room and corners. So no matter how big your living room might be, e you will get a good reception.

The problem with Intex wireless headphone is, it operated on a radio frequency. So every other gadget like wireless  routers that operated on a radio frequency of 2.4 GHz will interfere with the headphone sometime, creating minor noises. These noises gets louder when your headphones have a low battery, so it might get irritating at some points.

Intex Wireless Roaming Headphone Review

In-built Mic and Transmission

The transmission antenna is quite a big tower, which looks like a standing 3.5mm external hard drive, and not easy to hide if your TV  is wall mounted. Its height makes it better to transmit signal at longer range, but becomes hard to carry around with your mobile or tablet. So as far as TV or gaming concerned, the big antenna is not a big deal. Just in case if you want to know, this transmitter is extremely lightweight.

The transmitter also have a built-in mic, that you can use to talk online or do wireless chat from your couch. The RCA Audio cable also let you hookup the wireless headphone with your gaming consoles like Xbox 360 or Sony PS3.

Battery Life & Power Option

The box does not come with any batteries, and you need 4 AAA batteries to operate this. Standard battery lasts for over 10 days, if you are using it for 2-4 hours everyday. On the other hand transmitter batteries last twice longer.

If you want to optimize your battery usage, you should buy a basic power adapter for transmitter, which you can buy for less than Rs.100 and save half of the AAA batteries. (There is a power port for transmitter, but it does not come with the box.)


Most of other wireless headphones under Rs.2000, comes with the infra-red wireless transmitters. Which means, you need to be face to face while using the headphones to receive the signals. On the other hand Intex being operated on radio frequency, you can at least hide that bulky transmitter.


If I have to describe the wireless audio quality, it sounds like a cheap wired headphones, close to no bass or effect to it. But keeping in mind its dirt cheap price, watching movie or playing games at night becomes so convenient, especially when you have smaller homes or you don’t want to disturb others.

For less than Rs.599, this gadget is a total wireless wonder as you get – wireless radio, wireless headphone, wired heaphone, wireless chatting & transmission all-in-one gadget. If you are looking for high quality sound or audio, you should consider buying headphones more than the 10 times the cost than this one.

Price in India

The Intex wireless headphones are currently priced at just Rs.750 in India right now exclusively available on Amazon!

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