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How To Get Lost / Broken Pen of iBall Pen Tablets 8060U / 4030U

If you are a designer, artist, or animation student from India, it is more likely that you own iBall pen tablet, as there are very few vendors in this category and iBall is providing them at compelling prices.

Being a character animation enthusiast myself, I had this tablet called iBall Pen Tablet 8060U for casual gesture drawings. In last month I have broken its digital pen badly and I knew it is almost non-recoverable. So I tried searching for where  I can buy just the Pen and not the whole set, as I have everything else working perfectly.

I haven’t found anything in local shops, as they were only selling full iBall pen tablet packages like Pen Table 8060U, 4030U and many other designer tablets. Then I called iBall customer care, who were kind enough to tell me to visit nearest iBall Service center to order replacement. As my tablet was not in warranty they charged me Rs.750 (Which was well worth than buying Rs. 4500 pen tablet again.), and ordered a pen for me from their office. So here is what you have to do for getting a replacement digital pen for iBall Pen Tablets like 8060U or 4030U.

Step 1: Note down the exact model number of your tablet. As shown in following image of my old tablet, If its WP8060U, the tablet has to be 8060U.

iBall Pen Tablet 8060TU

Step 2: Also note down Barcode number or take a quick picture of the sticker behind your tablet.

Both of above numbers will be needed at you local service center of iBall. And it will also make sure you get a suitable pen for your drawing tablet.

Step 3: Here is the list of email ID’s and phone numbers of all the service centers of iBall in India. You can locate them on web and get in touch with your tablet information.

If you are confused about iBall Pen Tablet model number, simply take your tab to the service center, they will handle the rest. After placing your order you can expect to get it within 2 to 10 days, depending on your location.

I hope this information will be helpful for those who have recently lost or broke their digital pen for iBall drawing tablets. Do share us your views & queries in comments section below!



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