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How to Factory Reset Oculus Quest 2

Learn how to factory reset Oculus Quest 2 easily using our step-by-step guide.

Before you proceed: If you’re planning to sell or give away the headset or you’ve tried all other possible repairs, only then perform a factory reset.

There are two ways, which will be discussed in this article. To summarize, this is all you have to do: 

  • Headset: Hold down the volume and power buttons while choosing factory reset from the USB Update Mode menu.
  • Open the Meta Quest app, pick your Oculus Quest, then hit Devices > Advanced Settings > Factory Reset > RESET.
factory reset oculus quest 2

Here’s how to use the headset to perform a factory reset Oculus Quest 2 :

  1. Your Quest or Quest 2 won’t switch on unless you hold down the power and volume keys for a few seconds.
  2. Press the power button to choose Factory reset after using the volume buttons to choose it.
  3. Press the power button to start the reset after selecting Yes, erase, and factory reset with the volume button.
  4. Your Quest will complete a factory reset, so the next time you switch it on, you’ll have to go through the basic setup process and download all of your games again.

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Using the Phone App:

You can start a factory reset via the Oculus phone app if your Quest is connected to it.

  1. Get your phone’s Meta Quest app open.
  2. Tap gadgets.
  3. Click on your quest.
  4. Click on Advanced Settings.
  5. Press Factory Reset.
  6. Press RESET.

Conclude the process with ease – factory reset Oculus Quest 2 effortlessly using the Meta Quest phone app.

When is a Factory Reset Oculus Quest 2 required?

The Oculus Quest or Oculus Quest 2 headset’s factory settings are restored when you do a factory reset. By using this method, firmware upgrades are removed and the original firmware is restored. All downloaded games and saved game data are likewise deleted, and all customized settings are reset to their default values.

An Oculus Quest or Quest 2 should be factory reset for the following two reasons:

You’re getting rid of the headset: It’s a good idea to conduct a factory reset Oculus Quest 2 before selling or giving it away. The receiver of the headset can then make a clean start.

The headset isn’t working: If you’re having issues with your Quest headset, completing a factory reset will frequently fix the issue. However, since this process cannot be stopped, you should only use it as a last resort. You can execute a factory reset if you’ve exhausted all other options or if you don’t want to lose any saved data.

If not, starting over is a preferable option.

Here is how to restart instead:

If you merely want to restart your quest and don’t want to start over from scratch, you have a choice. The restart option is found in the power menu of the headset, and choosing it causes the device to shut off and restart. It frequently resolves many bugs and issues without erasing your data.

How to restart Quest and Quest 2 is as follows:

  • Press the Power button while the headset is on.
  • Choose Restart.
  • It will then power down and restart shortly.

In conclusion, we’ve provided a comprehensive guide on how to perform a factory reset on your Oculus Quest 2. Whether you’re preparing to sell your headset or troubleshooting persistent issues, a factory reset can be a valuable solution. We hope this guide has been a valuable resource, ensuring a successful reset without any confusion. If you’ve found this information helpful, don’t hesitate to share it with fellow Oculus Quest 2 users who might benefit. Your support is appreciated, and we’re here to help you with any more VR-related questions you may have.Thanks for reading, and happy gaming! Thank you for reading!