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Astrum ST150 Ultra Slim Bluetooth Speaker Review

Bluetooth speakers have to be crowned as one of the most hot-selling gadgets in the past two years. They’re compact, lightweight and let you carry the high-quality music experience everywhere with you. Even though you will find a reasonably good number of options over different price range, it’s hard to find the best of it. We got hands on one of these recently launched portable Bluetooth speakers, and following is our in-depth review of Astrum ST150.

Astrum ST150 Review -Portable Bluetooth Speakers

To start off with the physical appearance, ST150 is a shiny black Bluetooth speaker with steel finished borders. It weighs about 450g, and the weight is well-distributed around its surrounding edges. This keeps it steady on a flat surface even when you are playing high bass music. The weight and metal finish offers premium handling experience. It has a high-quality hard leather back cover and two 5W speakers on the front side. Compared to most full plastic builds of JBL, LeTV and Phillips variants, Astrum has crafted impressive build quality with their portable speakers.

The device offers single button operations like most of the wireless speakers out there, and you can Turn ON or OFF and even Pair wirelessly using the same. You have to hold the button after powering ON the device and BLUE, and RED lights will alternately flash. After this, you can discover and connect the device to your smartphone or laptop quite comfortably. The single button available is sturdy and good solid feedback on clicks.

When it comes to its sound quality, it’s pretty impressive out of the box. This Bluetooth 4.0 compatible device packs whopping 10W power which is remarkable for its pocketable size. Not only that ST150 offers crisp sound and decent bass, but it can also rock a home party in the big room of 12×14 feet. For its ultraslim size of 124 x 47 x 20mm, the quality, and loudness of the music Astrum ST150 Bluetooth speakers have undoubtedly amazed me. It’s a bit thicker than the smartphones but smaller in height than most 5-inch smartphones, making it easily pocketable.

Its 700mAH Li-ion polymer battery takes about 2 hours to get completely charged. On paper, Astrum ST150’s wireless speakers go on for continuous 4 hours on a single charge. Though I did not test this claim, for frequent use of 30-60 minutes, it lasted me for six to seven sessions. So it’s a great battery life carrying it around wherever you ago. ST150’s battery takes about 2 hours to get charged fully.

I personally don’t expect an AUX connector for wireless Bluetooth speakers, but if you do, ST150 will disappoint you. like All you get in the box is the tiny micro USB cable to charge the device and a detachable strap to carry it around.

It’s a great portable music device, and Astrum has done a great job to focus on its audio quality. For the MRP of Rs. 2790, it’s certainly priced attractively compared to its competitors with the superior build quality and premium audio experience. I will highly recommend it for the audio music who are not satisfied with the tiny 3W personal Bluetooth speakers!

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