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Airtel 4G LTE Plans & Pricing Annouced – First Indian 4G LTE Network

Airtel Bharti has now emerged out as the first cellular network in India to introduce India’s 1st 4G Services. They today have launched India 1st 4G service in Kolkata. In the row to bring global recognition to Indian Telecom technology, Airtel has launched the TD-LTE services, making India as the first country in the globe to successfully deploy the cutting edge technology. This has brought up India on the list of most advance telecom market and also has marked the inception of new era in the country’s telecom sector.

Airtel 4G LTE Plans in IndiaAs of now, 4G service would be available in Kolkata which soon be expanded to other regions in India. Airtel had already bid for the BWA license spectrum in Punjab, Kolkata, Karnataka, Maharashtra (excluding Mumbai) circles.

Airtel is currently working on rolling out the 4G network in the circles other than Kolkata.

Airtel 4G LTE Pricing

(This pricing is announced for Kolkata)

4G LTE Plan Monthly Rental(INR) Free usage quota (in GB)
Charge after quota (in INR)
Speed after quota is reached (in kbps)
Break free Rs.999 6GB Nil 128
Break free max Rs.1399 9GB Nil 128
Break free Ultra Rs.1999 18GB Nil 128


In case of Prepaid, the tax is included in MRP

In case of Post-paid , tax is over and above the MRP

Features of Introductory  Airtel 4G Special Offer ( 60 days )

Customers will get fabulous discount of Rs. 167/bill for 7 bills.

Customer will get money back for the value of 1 month rent, for the 1st 6 billing cycle on the Rs. 999 post-paid plan.

Customer will get money back for a value of 2 months’ rent over 1st 6 billing cycle.

Customer will get a discount of Rs. 466/bill for 6 billing cycle on Rs.1399 plan and discount of Rs. 666/bill for 5 billing cycle on Rs. 1999 plan.

Price of 4G LTE Device (Dongle/CPE)

Device Retail Price
Indoor CPE with wi-fi Rs.7750
4G Multi Mode Dongle


To get more information on the Airtel 4G LTE plans, Device information & Compatibility, check out their official website –,or call on-  1800-1-030405.


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  1. Mobile broadband is not uncommon in India but the 4G LTE powered faster mobile broadband is something exciting. India considered in the list of most advance telecom market is a proud  moment for all the Indians. Being tech savvy and internet enthusiasts, India has all the reasons to have a LTE network!