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Fingers 2B Musi-Addicto Review: Wireless Neckband Earphones

When it comes to wireless earphones, we’ve many choices out there that include currently trending TWS headphones that still quite expensive. But if you do not want to compromise on sound quality, prolonged battery back up and still want to go wireless, this neckband earphone will make to your top choice – Fingers 2B Musi-Addicto.

Fingers 2B Musi-Addicto Review

Fingers is a newly launched accessories brand in India, and they have released several music products since then. Out of the box, you get a hardcover case, the neckband wireless earphones itself, additional ear-gels and a short but handy micro-USB charging cable

Fingers 2B Musi-Addicto Review

Build Quality

The earphones come in the combination of metallic grey and black color, with branding on the metallic plates on the neckband. The built quality of this wireless earphone is quite solid, as its a great mix of high-quality plastic and metal. The earbud coverings and neckband plates are made of metal with the good-looking shiny chamfered edges. You also get extra ear gels of size S & L, whereas the earphones are already equipped with the M size.

Fingers 2B Musi-Addicto Earphone

Both the plates are a great support to the overall earphone around your neck, and they are connected with thick flat cable, that is tangle-free. The earpiece connecting cables are regular round cables making it easy to move around your ears. The earpieces are magnetic that holds the two pieces together, avoiding any tangling of cables completely, a great engineering choice by Fingers.

You get three control buttons which take care of pretty much everything – Volume Up/next track, Power ON/OFF, Volume Down Previous track.

Specs, Battery Life,

Built with 10 mm, Neodymium driver and connectivity supported by Bluetooth v5.0+EDR, 2B-Musi-Addict, brings the latest specs to your wireless earphones. Weighing just 150 gms the size of these headphones is 830 mm x 10 mm x 20 mm, which makes it easy to carry during extended travel time. 

Fingers 2B Musi-Addicto Neckband Headphone

With full charging time ranging from 2.5-3 hours, these headphones claimed to run for 20 hours straight, which is pretty amazing at this budget. The dual-batteries of 240mAH also offers 350 hours of standby time. We were not able to test for straight 20 hours, but for 3-4 hours of daily usage, it easily lasted for 3 days straight for audio and video streaming on my smartphone and it offers nearly similar wireless Talktime.

Music Experience & Performance

I enjoyed listening to music on these headphones as it provides a balanced experience and consistent wireless connection. It does come with the newest multi-point technology that allows you to connect with two devices simultaneously, and switch between them on the go.

The sounds produced by the drivers are crisp and you’ll love listening to a variety of music on 2B Musi-Addicto. From high bass western beats to Indian songs these earphones will impress you with its all-round performance.  I recommend listening to high-quality songs, as you might experience a muddy base with LQ audio normally available on the internet. Listening to music streaming services like Prime Music and Spotify will make this difference visible based on your quality settings.

Fingers 2B Musi-Addicto Neckband Earphone

With the power button, you can pick up and disconnect calls however the call quality is just average, particularly the microphone that comes with these earphones tend to pick up some surrounding noise. The call answering features like rejecting incoming calls with ‘Long Press’, redialling last number with the ‘Double-press’ offers much more when you are driving or not around your phone within its 10m range.

The dual batteries in the flat metal casings are well protected, and the smart battery saver features turns-off the earphones if the device is disconnected for some time.



I wish if the Fingers 2B Musi-Addicto neckband wireless earphones with more colors, but there is only one choice for now. For its value for money pricing of Rs. 2,199 fingers have managed to offer a well-engineered and balanced wireless music experience in the neckband style that stands out. Sweat-proof design, calling features, multi-point connectivity & the 20 hours of astounding battery life leaves the competition way behind, and I will definitely recommend to 2B Musi-Addicto as one of best wireless earphone in this price range.
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