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3 Essential Tips for the Maintenance of Domestic Appliances

Technology has made our lives easier in innumerable ways. This ease has permeated into our homes in the way of domestic appliances and now it is impossible to imagine life without a washing machine, microwave, or even a water filter.

The fear of your air conditioner breaking down, or your refrigerator shutting down with groceries stocked inside or the oven bursting into a fire on the day of a large family lunch is all too real.

Most of us have little time to devote to call for professional assistance for the servicing of our appliances and are at a loss when a major appliance malfunction happens. Thankfully, mishaps like these can be avoided with a little help.

Most of us delay dealing with appliances because it seems intimidating, but sooner or later when our equipment breaks down we find ourselves at the mercy of professional handymen. Professional servicing of home appliances often come with a hefty bill and if you don’t have deep pockets, all the hassle can be avoided with a little of your time and a few simple tips even if you have no prior professional experience.

Avoid overloading

Imagine this: you dump a week’s worth of clothes into the washing machine and observe that a few minutes later it starts whirring violently resulting in a major breakdown. Repairing the appliance is so expensive that you’re better off buying a new machine altogether.

While it may be tempting to cram more clothes into the dryer or plug heavy appliances to a single socket to save time and money, it causes internal damages to the motors, wiring and other parts of the machines.

Avoiding an electrical overload is a simple step that goes a long way in improving the efficiency of your home appliances and trimming your electricity bill. Just as we invest in phone & electronic device coverage to protect our devices from unforeseen mishaps like theft and damage, taking small steps like avoiding overload protects our appliances at home and lengthens their life.

Clean regularly

Cleaning domestic appliances is something that we always shrug off until our machines eventually stop working. Even then, we usually don’t suspect the lack of cleaning to be the reason for machinery failure. But, may it be stovetops, ovens, or dishwashers – all of them require regular cleaning to keep breakdowns at bay.

If your refrigerator stops working suddenly, clean the coils.  Similarly, while cleaning your air conditioners, you might be greeted with nasty surprises. Aside from the usual dust and dead bugs – there might be lizards, mouse droppings, termites, or more. To increase the lifespan of these appliances, avoid health hazards and permanent damage to your home and hearth, cleaning is a requisite. Not only does it save a few extra bucks, but it also saves you the trouble of replacing appliances every few years. ‘Cleanliness is next to godliness’ applies to your home appliances as well.

Be gentle

As time passes by, we become less careful with our domestic appliances. In initial days, we make sure there are no visible scratches, clean it regularly, and use the appliance gently; but with the passage of time we become more heavy-handed with our use and it becomes common to carelessly slam oven doors and washing machine lids with no worry about the consequences.

Take, for example, a mixer- grinder. While a mixer has tremendous power, some things are simply beyond its capacity. Even though you may require a puréed peach pit for your gourmet ice cream or maybe, crushed alum for your new Cosmopolitan skincare routine, avoid using a mixer-grinder for the same because it might end up damaging the blades of the mixer or cause more serious harm.

It is important to know the limitations of your appliances and use them as they were intended to avoid incapacitating it in the long run. Only then will it be able to serve you dutifully for a long time.

While these aforementioned tips are essential for appliance care of all shapes and sizes, it is also important to familiarize yourself with the manual that comes along with your appliance. Some appliances have specific requirements that are detailed in the manufacturer’s manual.

Appliances are a huge investment, and naturally, homeowners want them to run efficiently for as long as possible without malfunctioning. Regular repair and maintenance of these home appliances help avoid needless expenses in the future. Treat your appliances with love and they will love you back!