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3 Of The Biggest Dramas in EVE Online

Gaming has a come a long way in recent years. There’s virtual reality gaming, eSports, and some of the most cutting-edge graphics that have to be seen to be believed. But the one thing that always keeps gamers coming back for more is the stories and the drama; without a good narrative, you might have something pretty to look at but without any real heart to it. If you’ve found that you’ve been lacking in tragedy, intrigue, and comedy when you play video games, then maybe you need to try EVE Online.

One of the most epic virtual MMORPG games ever created, EVE Online is not the type of game you play for a few minutes and then put down again to do something else – this is a game you need to live in. Taking place in the reaches of outer space, EVE has commerce, combat, manufacturing, alliances, and backstabbing. Basically, then, what real life is all about. In essence, the game is about joining an organization and doing your best to bring prosperity to your clan.
Growing rapidly in popularity every year, EVE has become big news. Not letting an opportunity go to waste, we’ve even spotted some online services who offer to help build a website for a clan, like the following:

Understanding how EVE works is no easy task – this will help to begin with – but there’s one thing you really need to know before you start playing: EVE is like a soap opera set in space. With scandals that would make tabloid newspapers giddy with joy, we decided to pick out a few of the biggest dramatic events ever to happen in the game.

A monumental tale of betrayal

The Judge was the lead negotiator for a group called the Circle of Two (CO2), but apparently fed up of his leader’s (Gigx) constant meddling with his work bringing peace with rival organizations, The Judge decided that enough was enough: it was time to defect to another group called the Goonswarm. But more than that, he decided to leave a path of ruin in his wake. When no one suspected a thing, The Judge stole every penny from CO2’s vault (in-game money, not real cash) and handed the keys to the Keepstar citadel (CO2’s headquarters) to Goonswarm.
But it gets better. Upon seeing The Judge’s massive duplicity, Gigx was understandably unhappy, but took it a step too far by essentially threatening to hunt down The Judge in real life. It didn’t take long before Gigx was permanently banned from EVE Online and CO2’s rule was in tatters.

Revenge served ice cold

It’s never easy being a newbie, but it’s definitely not easy when you’re playing EVE Online for the first time. Two new players named Darvo Thellere and Lunarion attempted to start a little organization to help other newbies settle in and feel welcomed. Yet, for whatever reason, a tyrant named Kackpappe took an instant dislike to Darvo Thellere and Lunarion and their idea, and set about making their lives hell on EVE Online.

Four years passed and the two former newbies had changed their names and become quite successful in-game mercenaries. They found Kackpappe and offered him a place in their thriving organization. Kackpappe accepted eagerly and was ready to begin life with his new friends… only to be lured into a trap and shot to pieces by those he had tormented all those years ago. The best part? The two young masterminds changed their names back to Darvo Thellere and Lunarion at the last second, with Kackpappe only realizing when it was too late. He eventually apologize to the pair and learned his lesson not to mess around with new players.

A slow yet meticulous assassination

Mirial was one of the most powerful CEOs in the entire game. As the head of an influential group called Ubiqua Seraph, she was deemed untouchable and unchallengeable by many – all but one. Her second-in-command and supposed friend Arenis Xemdal had risen in the ranks for 10 months, but was secretly an assassin from the Guiding Hand Social Club. In a well-planned event, Arenis Xemdal and the rest of the assassin group fired upon Mirial and her ship one calm day, therefore obliterating her, taking control of all Ubiqua Seraph’s money, and bringing down a huge organization in one fell swoop.

Trust, it seems, is not to be expected in EVE Online.