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Top Five Online Courses to Kickstart Your IT Career 

Gaining career development skills from the outset of your career is important in managing your career. These days, employers are keen on hiring individuals who possess “soft skills” along with technical ones.

As you progress in your career, it’s never too late to reflect and identify your weaknesses so that you can improve on them and maximize your workplace productivity. Aside from aiding you in your career, the value that you can provide your organization will have the potential to scale over the long term as well.

Speaking about skilling, the internet of things and rampant digitalisation means that technology-based solutions, regardless of whatever industry you’re in, will be here to stay. Click the following link for a list of affordable and relevant it online courses australia!

Courses For IT Career

Career development is a lifelong process of learning that allows you to inch closer toward your ideal job and lifestyle while integrating your skills and talents as well. 

Setting goals, attending training courses, and finding a good mentor are just some of the few ways you can develop your career further. 

There are also hundreds of online courses — some free, some paid — that you can take up today to gain invaluable skills that will aid you in your career development. Here are some of the best ones you can take on today! 

1. Manage Your Career with PluralSight 

The online learning platform PluralSight is now offering a Career Management course that will equip you with the essential skills and knowledge you need to progress further in your career and develop yourself into a holistic professional. 

This course introduces you to the foundations of career management and provides you with a broad overview of how you can manage your branding. It also allows you to better learn how to create meaningful relationships as you progress in your career and build a network that will allow you to maximize the power of social relationships to advance your career. 

With a length of only three hours, this course is a fun-sized introduction to the essential concepts of career management that you can learn at your convenience. So take up this course today and inch one step closer toward your dream job! 

2. Improve Your Brand with edX

The popular online learning platform edX is now offering an Unlocking Your Employability course that will allow you to learn how to effectively develop and communicate your employability in a highly unpredictable and volatile job market. 

The course allows you to recognize how essential it is to diversify your portfolio to gain a competitive edge, as well as learn to better identify opportunities for career development. You will also learn to better articulate yourself in a variety of professional scenarios to better navigate the intricacies of verbal and non-verbal communication. 

With just a commitment of one to two hours a week over two months, you will be able to better sell yourself in your next interview or even grab that promotion you’ve been working hard for. The course is free to take with an optional upgrade of $99 to gain a certificate.

Try this course today to create your unique personal brand in the job market! 

3. Career Development with Coursera

Coursera For Online Education

Coursera is now offering a course in developing a successful career today, with important nuggets of information on how you can prepare for success in your chosen career. 

No matter your level of expertise in your career, this course allows you to hone your career skills by learning about key career development skills such as finding a suitable mentor, networking with intention, upgrading your LinkedIn profile, as well as building authentic and meaningful professional relationships that you can reap long-term rewards from. 

The course takes about 20 hours to complete, and you can learn it at your convenience. With flexible deadlines and a beginner-friendly approach to learning about career skills, taking this course is a no-brainer for any professional looking to enrich their career today. 

4. Leadership Development with edX

If you are looking to make a change in your chosen field, you may inevitably need to take up a leadership position to better guide your organization to greater heights. This is just the right course for the professional looking to achieve success in their organization through positive and growth-focused employee management. 

Furthermore, you will also gain key skills in honing your leadership and applying these skills in the context of your organization. You will learn more about the best practices in management in today’s most successful business companies as well as how you can effectively manage elite teams of high-profile professionals. 

With a commitment of 20 hours of study a week over two months, this course will allow you to uncover the secrets of leadership at the highest levels and work toward better crafting your leadership skills today. 

5. Use Creativity to Boost Your Career with SkillShare 

Boost Your Career with SkillShare

Artist and content creator Holly M. Kholi-Murchison is a distinguished professional renowned for her ability to assist individuals to utilize the power of creativity to boost their careers. 

She is now offering a power-packed short online course for any professional who wishes to boost their workplace productivity and develop their careers.

With a course runtime of only about an hour, you will learn to better pitch your ideas from paper to the real world through blueprints and video presentations. 

The course also has a hands-on aspect to keep you engaged, with writing exercises to get your creative juices flowing. It also invites you to create a vision board for your future career and harness the power of imagination for a dream future to work toward. 

So take this course up today and unlock the power of creativity to further develop your career today! 


With so much knowledge and information available today on the subject of career development, it can be daunting to even know where to begin. With a subject as complex as this, paralysis analysis can take over, causing many to remain stagnant in their careers. 

We hope this list helps you take that necessary first step in developing your career skills and gaining your dream job or advancing in your current one. So be sure to pick one (or a few) of these courses and be amazed at how fast your career will take off!