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5 Online Tools Students Can Use to Get Better Grades in 2021

Online studying has quickly become the norm in 2020 as the pandemic raged across the world. As we head into 2021, it seems that the virtual world will still hold its sway over students. Besides being a safe place to interact with large crowds, the internet is filled with tools that can help you study. From audio-visual tools to tutors and helpers, there is something to solve every problem. 

The advantage of internet-based tools and services is that they are available all the time. So whether you access them through shared computers or your personal device, they will always fit to accommodate your time and needs. So what are the options for students to get their grades up in 2021? Let’s dive right in. 

Study Aids

Everyone has different ways they study. Some learn better with audio support, others with visual aids and even some who benefit from gamification. The internet has various tools available to students who gain insight and clarity from non-traditional study aids. Whichever one you or your child benefits from, there should be multiple options for you. 

Study aids are essential for memorization and for clarity on foundational subjects. Offline study aids would include pop quizzes and assignments. However, with guidance missing from the picture because of quarantine, online study aids are your best bet to get the help you or your child needs. Another idea is to use tools like GoogleForms to make practice tests for you and your friends. Google applications are easy to use and accessible for everyone too. 

Homework Help 

Whether you’re struggling with your grades or acing your exams, everyone needs homework help sometimes. Several online tools will help you out with your homework, whether it’s a maths exercise or homework essay help. Getting help with homework is an excellent way to improve your grades. 

Doing homework makes you repeat the information you learned in school, so it’s an easy and effective way to get your grades up and test better. Not understanding your homework shows you missed something in class, and you aren’t on the same page as the rest of your batchmates. It’s essential that you get help and put yourself in a position to do so if you want your grades higher. 


Schools have timetables for their students because it is an efficient way to organize everyone’s time. This applies to your life after school and when doing homework as well. Without proper planning, you will likely fall behind on your work and struggle to finish everything. Schooling is designed to challenge you, and keeping organized is one of the challenges you can overcome with the internet. 

There are apps and websites available that will help you schedule your work and private life. These tools can send you reminders of upcoming tests, projects, or assignments you have to subject. They can also alert you when it’s time to study and when it’s time to relax. Setting up this study plan might take a day, but the effort is worth it when you see your weeks pass by smoothly. 

Focus Aids 

One of the most significant complaints educators and parents have against the Internet is that it is a big distraction. If you have trouble keeping focused on your work and keeping your attention on what you’re doing, some apps can help. There are apps that are designed to lock down your phone from notifications and calls for a pre-specified period of time. 

This way, if you plan to study for an hour, you can lock your phone, and it won’t unlock for the next two hours. Emergency failsafes make sure you can always reach out to people if there is an emergency. Thus, they are safe to use for students staying alone as well. There are also white noise apps for those who need background noise to focus. 

Online Courses

With the advent of MOOCs, high-quality learning is only a click away. Online courses are an excellent way to learn more about areas of interest and better understand your study material. Many online courses are offered for free, while some have minimal charges. These courses are usually self-paced, meaning you can progress through them as fast as you are comfortable. 

Another advantage of online courses is that you get access to many resources that can help you get higher grades. Online courses give you a more nuanced perspective of the subject which you can condense into assignments and projects. They are an excellent resource for students who can fit them into their schedules!