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4 Tips for Launching a Tech Startup in College

Rather than enter the traditional world of work, many entrepreneurially-minded young people are choosing to take their future into their own hands and venture into the world of tech startups. Fueled by the achievements of tech moguls such as Mark Zuckerberg who launched Facebook while studying at Harvard University, an increasing number of students are looking to replicate his success. However, launching a tech startup while still in college isn’t as easy as it sounds. Here are 4 tips to help you succeed.

Don’t Let Lack of Finances Get in Your Way

Startups cost money and that’s usually the one thing that’s in short supply when you’re at college. But don’t let lack of finance get in your way and stop you in your tracks. Unless you have an absolutely brilliant idea that cannot fail, it’s unlikely that you’re going to have investors queuing up to help fund and develop your startup so you may have to rely on your existing finances or a loan. One way to release money to fund your startup is by refinancing your current student loans. If this is an option, a student loan calculator will be invaluable to help you to see potential savings that can be achieved by choosing to refinance.

Solidify Your Skills

You may be studying computer engineering at college, but a degree isn’t necessarily a guarantee of success. Don’t get bogged down with the theory, as you need to acquire some real-life practical skills. Learn how to build apps, learn how to troubleshoot. Do market research to see if your idea is viable. However, if you have the ideas but not the technical skills all is not lost, use prototyping sites to help you to build your app so that you can create a preliminary design to help attract others who can take your ideas to fruition.

Utilize Your College Network

As a college student, you already have access to a network of people who can offer help and support. From your professors and lecturers to fellow students, past alumni, your college’s business school and local entrepreneur support networks, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to find the help you need. There are plenty of people who want to help support young entrepreneurs. Also consider starting up an entrepreneurial network within your school or college.

Just Do It

Don’t get bogged down with too much planning and what-ifs. Use your youthful energy and your time wisely. This may mean sacrificing some of the things that form part of your usual student life, such as socializing but use every opportunity you have to further your ideas, dreams and ambitions. The only way to see if your idea is going to work is to just get on and do it. Yes, you do need a plan, but don’t wait until your plan is perfect. Set your project underway and tweak and adjust it as you go. The truth is that you’ll never know enough when you launch your startup – but you will learn along the way. If you wait for the time to be perfect before you launch, you’ll never take that vital first step.