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Skype Released Wi Fi App For Apple iOS Devices [Free App]

New iOS app for providing  access to WiFi  is announced by Skype which can allow you to access over 1 million access points around the world. No matter it’s a Food court, Malls, Airports or a coffee shop – You can just log in on iOS devices with your Skype ID to this Free Wi Fi App  & get access to internet on the go.

Now, that we knoe iOS has many devices such as iPhones, iPad & iPod Touch – This free Skype app on iOS devices will work like a charm for travelers & business users who needs constant wireless internet access.

Skype Wi Fi App

As you can see its pretty easy to get access to Wi Fi now, All you have to do is enter skype details & click Go for getting instant wireless Internet access. Note that this service is better for using more of Skype services & not much for using full Internet.

Because you can make quick video call or chat using this app on Pay Per Minute basis, So you don’t have to stick with any network provider for heavy budget plans & use Skype on the go in lower costs. So keep this Pay per plan thing in mind while you use this free app.

As they have just launched it for iOS users – They are giving away free access to 60 minutes of WiFi to anyone using the app between Saturday 20th August 00:00 to Sunday 21st August 23:59 BST as gift to new users.

This is what Skype stated about this great new app –

Skype WiFi is great for travellers all over the world: It’s a must-have app, for your iPhone or iPad whether you’re on a business trip or enjoying holidays abroad. Skype WiFi offers you a cost-effective and easy way to get online with an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. Paying on a per-minute basis for WiFi Internet access is great when you’re abroad as you can avoid data roaming charges when you update Facebook, send a tweet, make a Skype call or upload photos.

So Don;t wait for it & get your own free download of this cool iOS app for Skype Services.




2 Responses

  1. let me test it too, downloaded Skype apps for iPad last week. Earlier i was using iPhone version of it on iPad. Thanks for sharing.