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iPhone 4S India Launch Will Be On 25th November Confirmed !

The iPhone 4S launch was quite disappointing in the US as it was not the 5th generation od iPhone and not so many features were introduced with it. Despite of which iPhone 4S proved to be fastest selling gadget of 2011 yet, And Guess what ? It’s now very confirmed that iPhone 4S will be launched in the India on 25th November 2011.

Aircel, The leading telecom company announced today on its official Facebook page that iPhone 4S will be launched in the India on 25th November 2011.

iPhone 4S in India Launch Date Confirmed

It is very likely that phone will be also launched with the Airtel Network too, because iPhone has history of launching all the iPhones with Aircel & Airtel together.

There is no any announcement or news is made except online by Aircel & None yet confirms the iPhone 4S launch on Airtel Network. So right now it is only confirmed from Aircel only.

There were hundreds  of rumors pointing towards the iPhone 4S launch date till November end or early December, But now this great news will put break on all such rumors as we now have the date 25th November 2011 for iPhone 4S launch in India.

Let me remind you iPhone 4S is having all new 8 MP camera, that is said to be competitive with many dedicated photo cameras. New Dual core A5 Processor by Apple, we have seen in Apple iPad 2. Again the revolutionary Artificial intelligence based virtual assistant Siri is mind-blowing addition by Apple in this amazing smart phone.

Make sure you save some bucks for this amazing smartphone from World’s No.1 smartphone maker !

2 Responses

  1. I’ve been waiting for 2 months to get iPhone 4S and I hope they keep its price the same. I heard rumors that it will cost Rs. 40,000 which will be sad.

    Any news on pricing yet?

    1. I don’t think it will be priced so high, because if base model of 16 gigs will cost 40,000 Rs then 64 GB model will be above 60,000 Rs. (Which never happened in the past)

      Also, Analysts believe that iPhone 4S cost will start up from 34000 Rs for 16GB & will go up to 50000 for 64GB model.

      I wish they introduce phone with subsidized plans like in US with contracts at least this time. but god only know what happens about it.

      Lets stay optimistic about pricing at least!