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How to Get SMS Delivery Notifications on iPhone [For Jailbroken Devices]

SMS notification or delivery reports are some of the important features that we usually look for in any SMS application. It is always a concern for the user to know, whether the sent message is being received by the recipient or not. It is a very common feature which you will find is almost all the cell phone; although if you are using iPhone, the stock SMS application will not provide you any delivery notification except on the arrival of new iMessage.

There are various apps, which are available from the third party software; most popular app BiteSMS, do provide extra features also apart from delivery notifications. But it would be nice, if the original SMS application have this feature. Well, you might be lucky if you are using jailbroken iPhone. There are few tweaks to make this happen on your iPhone.

SMSConfirmation is a tweak, which will bring the SMS delivery notification to the stock Message application on your jailbroken iPhone. SMS delivery notification option is a very common feature which you will find in all other mobile operating systems. These delivery notifications are quite useful, as it provide you the information on delivery of SMS to the intended recipient. Especially when you are in the low network coverage, delivery notifications become important. These kinds of notifications could also be pretty useful for iPhone users.

iPhone Sent Notification

In a normal scenario when a user sends a text message, he receives a notification in the form of popup which appears saying ‘Message Sent’. Once the Tweak gets installed on iOS device, it will show you the delivery notification even if you quite the SMS application. However the app does not utilize the new iOS 5 notification center features and so you will not get any banner/lock screen notifications.

The tweak is available freely from the MidMyi repo in Cydia or it could also be searched on Google. As there are no settings for the tweak hence once the app gets installed on your device, you will have to train your device to be able to receive the delivery notification. In case you are not comfortable with the app, you can simply remove it by uninstalling it.

Try this tweak and share your experiences and views in comments section below !