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Firefly Fun iPhone App Review – Relaxation App For Everyone!

If you have gone through the recent the app review of Post Sleep DreamZ application for controlling & triggering your dreams, I wold like to introduce one more amazing fun app that might help you relax before your sleep – Firefly Fun.

Firefly Fun iPhone App

Firefly Fun App Review

This sleep relaxer app is a different level of fun, where you get different types & colors of fireflies which glows in night times and gives you sweet glow over your screen from the fireflies overall.

The developers are constantly adding the new features, which are intended for adding more life to this app making it more productive overall. The design of the app overall is pretty good and  you will get the feeling of fireflies wandering around, which is comparatively better idea.

More importantly app runsflentlyon the  iPad and iPhone as well as the iPod touches of newer generation. There is no lag or whatsoever for this app and it always beeps your smart Apple Device remain back in anything.

Interface is quite simple to understand that is, just start the app and download the ideas if you wish and .Drag & Drop fireflies into the jar and choose a time for device to sleep.

The app allows you to import & listen all your favorite music within and you can take it anywhere with your iPhone/iPad & iPhone, which makes sure your personally playlists will help you a lot to tun this show.

Firefly Fun iPhoen App

For the cost of $.099 , developers are offering really amazing app with attractive glowing fireflies that will help you relax from inner soul and you could take the experiment further. I would definitely recommend this app for relaxation for everyone, when they are looking for cute little animation, customizable sounds and better quality of graphics.

Cost: $.99

Rating 4/5

Download Firefly Fun