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App Store Update October 5: Cytus, PacMan & Much More…

Welcome back to the App Store Update news of October 5th. We are back again with more updated on the App Store and this time lots many new and exciting apps and games have been added to the list. So let us watch out the debutants, discounted and reentry games.

Apple App Store
Apple App Store

1. House of Shadows

House of Shadows is an exciting Armor game which offers the dynamic mood setting and perfect Halloween in the single scenario. It is based on the concept where your sister is wandering into one of the spookiest house and your task is to get her out of the house. House of Shadow is the new entry to the store and is available at USD 1.99.

2. Cytus

Cytus is a lovely rhythm game which is quite similar to Groove Coaster. The best part about this game is that it is right now available for free. Debuted a year back, the developer is offering the game for free.

3. Pac-Man for iPad

Pac Man is a kind of game which we all loves to play and why not, as it offer the crazy pack want to eat the crowns and the ghost is munching the pac. Pac Man is now available for iPad and you can download it from store at just USD 2.99.

Well That’s all for Today! We will be back soon with more updates on the Apple App Store. Until then stay tuned to DC to watch out the App Store action.