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Top 5 Promising Android Apps You Should Have [Free]

When I first bought the Android Smart Phone, I never realized that I gonna make me a smart phone and Android app freak. A year back I bought an Android phone and since then I am installing my favorite apps and enjoying the charisma of Android capabilities.

I know many of you might have Android too but have you tested the apps which I am listing in this post. Lets check out these interesting apps and see how they has my life a different one and how they can yours too.

Android Apps

Google Maps- The version for Android

I am sure just like me; millions of folks are fond of using Google Maps and why not! It is supposed to be an interesting app to view the world from the top and also to navigate yourself to your destination. I am amazed that, many of my friends never use Google Maps in spite of its usefulness but I would really recommend you to make use of it and make your life navigable through Google Maps.

Adobe Flash Player 11

With Adobe Flash player I won’t image my Android smart phone, it is like essential in majority of things I do. I am sure even your smart device would be essential dead without the existence of Flash player. Adobe is working on improving the support for coming Android 4.0 ICS and it also includes many other interesting things which will make its performance better than the existing version. In the news version Adobe Flash Player 11, there is better support for Android 4.0, improved performance, all bug fixed, better security and stability.

Facebook for Android

Social networking: Wooo. Everybody is fan of social networking and I am sure you might also be. Facebook is flowing like a flood in millions of veins. Every next door you will find a Facebook freak. There are lots many apps which offer the Facebook access on Android phones. The latest app includes from Facebook itself offer additional games, faster navigation, better security and performance on Android. Other features includes Access to mobile timeline, Access to friend lists and subscriptions, fast notification, better search and discover and many more things.


I don’t know how many of you know Kindle and even I don’t know what actually triggered it but what I know is that Kindle has seen a massive explosion in the last 30 days. This cool app offers thousands of free e-books and along with this you can purchase millions of book with ease access to them.

Firefox – Version 10.0.2

Firefox is the popular web browser we all use and it is best known for its simplicity and the user experience it offers. However since last couple of month I am using Chrome but before that Firefox was and it is till one of my favorite browser. Good thing is you can now access the version 10.0.2 on your Android smart phones. This new version is bug fixed version and has improved synch settings.

So, which app you have already used and which one not and will use it now. Do share your views and comments in the comment section.