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Sweet Garden Android Game Review – Revolutionary Plant Game!

When it comes to gaming on Android, almost every device from mid to high-end range delivers superbly thanks to the powerful hardware & open support from Android OS itself. Today, I am going to review one revolutionary game that is exclusively available for Android Smartphones and bring refreshing new ways to entertain for any game –  Sweet Garden!

Sweet Garden Android Game Review

First of all, Sweet Garden is not like any traditional game or app, we have seen before but the overall design does not confuse user even on first use. I said this game is revolutionary because it gives you all the fun through its widget based interface. This  plant game is basically lets you allows you to put a cute little plant guy called ‘Ppu’ on the home screen and it moves & grows while you see it.

You can plant the seeds, water it, make it more and more healthier and after all your efforts it grows into a really cute plant that adds real fun to your day to day task on smartphone. As you move on you can earn and plant gold seeds that are even more powerful than general seeds. Its like growing your pet plant, you have to plant, seed , water it and keep it free from insects and dust to be healthier.

Sweet Garden Android Game

Thereare number of  Ppu characters to choose from and the plant types as well, but as you keep working out your plants Sweet Garden keeps you smiling for all the time. The animations used in this game are flawless and as the game is widget based, you have load of customization that can be accessed from home screen itself. Additional battery widget will also help you monitor your battery and it’s totally useful bonus feature to regular gamepaly.

Sweet Garden Android Game

Overall, this Android game is pretty refreshing new way to you can make good use of your time, and of course, you also get some mini games to kill time. The graphics are designed using vibrant colors that can attract young as well as mature audiences but I will recommend this free game to every Android user thanks to the overall ‘fun value’ it contains!

Ratings: 5/5

Cost: Free

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