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Super Root Android Review- Easy & Secure One-Click Root Tool!

There is huge community of advanced users who are seeking easy to use tools for unlocking their Android smartphone’s power using the process of rooting. As you know, Android rooting gives you a highest level rooting access, bringing control to the users.

But if you have researched a bit, it’s always tedious process and fills a bit insecure to root your device for the first timers. Not anymore – Super Root Android is here for the rescue!


Super Root Android, is the PC version of the rooting tool, that lets you root your device from the PC, using just a one-click. This tool supports more than 5000 devices, which can help you root or un-root your device without worrying any of the technicalities involved in the process.

root-master-android-4Root Master is the android version of the same tool, that is equally capable and you unlock your device using merely your device. You just have to download it, and finish the rooting within just few minutes.

The great thing about this tool is, it checks for your hardware, the device model and all the required permission for rooting your device. If the is not supported, it simply notifies you that the Android Root is failed. It happened with one of the Asus Fonepad Tablet I tested it with. (It was not supported and it did not work!). So, there is close to no risk involved even in trying the rooting, if you are interested.

screenshot01Then I tried with 3 more supported devices from Samsung, HTC & LG devices, And the process was flawless.  With this rooting, I managed to remove the bloatware installed on my devices. Removing ads, installing custom ROMs & accessing root-only apps, was a great experience for me, after I rooted my device.

root-master-android-2With over 10,00,000 successfully rooted devices, Android Super Root becomes one of the most popular rooting tool, that offers secure, faster & has a high success rate. Adding more to that, you have a dedicated support team, you can reach anytime if you have any issues or confusion.

So even if you are first time user or a pro, I will highly recommend you check out this free software for your PC (Super Android Root) & app for your Android  (Root Master)!

Download PC Software & App For On-Click Rooting –


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