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Super Alchemy HD Android Game Review: Innovative Puzzles To Explore New Elements!

Games are always the best way to entertain yourself, and with smartphones, the world of gamers have become even richer. But most important dimension of some new age tablet gaming is – ‘Learning while Playing’, And based on the same concept, we are going to review this amazing game called – Super Alchemy (HD)!super-alchemy-hd-2Super Alchemy HD Android Game Review

Interestingly, this game teaches you about all elements, that you or your kids must have learned in Chemistry, one of the very essential subjects. No matter you remember the names of the elements, or even sometime combinations of the few, Super Alchemy (HD) let you work in your own virtual lab, try combining basic elements to explore hundreds of new elements.

 You get primary elements on one side of a screen, and other one is your playing arena, where you can carry out your experiment. The game’s AI is intelligent enough to understand any primary element like water, fire and so on. Once you place two or three elements on to each other new elements are formed, only if they are theoretically possible.

super-alchemy-hd-4Even if you try to drag same element twice or thrice, it remains the same element. So, the game engine is sound at its core, and all it takes to research new elements is – using your imagination!

There are approximately 400+ combinations you can work on and even find unique elements like about super heroes, cities and countries, which makes this overall very interesting for curious players.

super-alchemy-hd-3The user interface is simple to understand and looks basic, but well optimized for any Android tablet out there. The overall gameplay value depends mostly on the interest of any player in elements, and if you kind of hate chemistry, you might will avoid this. I would personally recommend this game to such people, just to get to know elements better, on their own convenience and on their favorite android tablets.

Cost: Free

Ratings: 4/5

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  1. Thank you for the review! we made the game with lots of love 🙂 And it is made for Android and IOS too! both are native and works similar, Thanks a lot for the review!