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How to Schedule a Text Message on iPhone & Android? A Step-by-Step Guide 2024

How to Schedule a Text Message on iPhone: Mobile phones have evolved immensely, and now you can easily schedule messages on your powerful pocket computer.

Mobile phones have come a long way since they were huge, brick-like gadgets. Members of Generation Z who saw 1987’s Wall Street would be hard pushed to identify the gadget held by Michael Douglass on the beach in that one memorable scene as a phone, let alone a fully working mobile. Nowadays, every one of us carries a computer that is vastly more powerful than the ones that first launched men to the Moon. Aside from talking with people, we can use our phones to shoot high-definition photographs and videos, play console-quality video games, and utilize social media to expose our lives and passions to the whole globe.

With all of the capabilities and innovations crammed into our devices, it becomes increasingly difficult to perform the simplest of tasks and find functions that should be right in front of our faces (unlike the pop-up notifications from Instagram while we’re at work, which is always in your face). One of these simple-but-hidden features is the ability to schedule communications. Sending scheduled messages may help you keep on top of your commitments before they’re due or guarantee that you don’t forget a close friend’s birthday, among other things.

How to Schedule a Text Message on iPhone

So, why is it so difficult to resolve on Android and iOS devices? While it may seem illogical, there are several methods to schedule text messages on a smartphone. This article will enable both Android and iPhone users to schedule messages with convenience and comfort, from built-in ways to the greatest third-party apps.

Why Should You Schedule a Text Message?

There are several reasons why you should consider scheduling text messages, particularly if, like many others in our increasingly busy society, you believe yourself to be a little forgetful sometimes. When it comes to organizing your life, meeting work deadlines, or simply keeping on good terms with your family, the ability to send out scheduled text messages may be a game-changer. Here are a handful of real-world examples of why scheduled messages might be useful.

You are the type of person that remembers someone’s birthday the day before the event but forgets they exist on the actual day. Using message scheduling, you may write the message ahead of time and ensure that it is sent on time! If you work as a manager in an office, chances are you must communicate with a large number of individuals every day. To quickly contact someone, simply plan a text message for a time when you believe they will be near their phone to receive a rapid response.

Whatever your reasons, there may come a moment when you simply need to send a scheduled message, and it appears that phone operating system makers have purposefully made it tough. You can find detailed instructions on how to schedule text messages for both iOS and Android users below.

Can You Schedule a Text Message on the iPhone?

There are several methods for schedule sms on iPhone, but the most convenient ones need you to download an additional application. Yes, you read it correctly: we are well into the third decade of the twenty-first century, yet iPhones still lack a fully working message scheduling tool. There is a technique to send pre-written notes, and although it can be handy on a few instances, it is probably not what you’re looking for.

The Built-In Methods

Can You Schedule a Text Message on the iPhone? If you want to send a one-time scheduled message from your iPhone without having to access the App Store, you’re out of luck. However, if your Apple iPhone is running iOS 16, there is a way to send recurrent messages from it.

Recurring Messages

  • Recurring messages are texts that are delivered to a collection of recipients on a regular basis. You may use the Shortcuts app, which was released with the iOS 16 update, to remind your children about their homework every evening without having to remember about it yourself.

  • You may also use it to remind your coworkers of the weekly Monday morning meetings thirty minutes in advance, so they never arrive late again! Follow the steps below to discover how to utilize Shortcuts to create repeating messages.

  • Open the app and go to the Automation section (at the bottom of the screen).If you’ve never used Shortcuts before, you’ll need to select the “Create Personal Automation” option. If you already have one, simply touch on the “+” icon to add a new one.

  • You may change the hour at which your message is sent in the “Time of Day” box.

  • Tap “Next” and then “Add Action” to proceed.
  • Select the contacts to whom you wish to send messages and click “Next.”
  • Fill in the “Message” box with the message you wish to send. Select “Next.”
  • Check to make sure everything is in order. Turn on the “Ask Before Running” option if you want to get a reminder before the phone sends your text, however we think it negates the point of a scheduled SMS.

  • Click the “Done” button.

Delayed Time iMessage Shortcut

  • The Shortcuts app also lets you send something more akin to a planned text message: a delayed time iMessage. What’s the catch? It only works while your phone is unlocked, so you can’t use it to send SMS while sleeping or away from your phone.
  • If you’re always glued to your phone (who isn’t these days?) and would benefit from this feature, here’s how to activate it:
  • Find the “Delayed Time iMessage” shortcut at Include it in the Shortcuts app.
  • Once it’s there, go to “All Shortcuts” and select “Delayed Time iMessage”.
  • Choose the contact for whom you wish to send a text message.
  • Fill up the blanks with your message.
  • Choose the day and time you want to book it for (make sure your phone is unlocked at that time).
  • It’s all done! Your message has been “scheduled”!

The Best iOS App to Schedule Text Messages

While Apple still has to improve their text scheduling features, third-party companies have done a much better job of allowing consumers to send a text message at a predetermined time. One of the greatest is seen here.

Scheduled App

This is a good little software with a drawback. As with many wonderful things in life, you’ll have to pay to access the Premium version, which allows you to send SMS automatically. Otherwise, instead of sending the message, it will notify you with a reminder that it is time to send the text.

The method of scheduling a text message with the Scheduled App is the same whether you use the free or premium version: add your preferred contacts, type up the text, and pick the day and time. That’s it. You may also schedule a repeating message.

Is it possible to schedule a text message on Android?

Although they are more sophisticated in terms of user interface and design, there is no doubting that Android devices have a lot more going for them in terms of customizability and the wide range of ways in which you may customize a smartphone to make it really your own. So this should be true even for something as basic as a scheduled SMS, right?

Both yes and no. Depending on the phone and location, you may be fortunate to have the “schedule sms on android” function as a built-in feature. If you don’t, you may need to visit the Google Play Store to find exactly what you’re searching for.

The Built-In Way

If you’re using a Google Pixel or a Samsung phone, then there is no need for you to resort to a third-party application to schedule a text message.

Google Messages

The scheduling function on Pixels and other phones with the Google Messages app pre-installed as the default texting app is childishly simple. All you have to do is launch the app and compose a text message as usual, but instead of hitting the “send” button, you must hold it down. This will open a “Schedule Send” pop-up box, where you may select to delay sending a message until later that day, or you can specify a day and time yourself. That’s all there is to it; your message has been booked!

Samsung Messages

The default messaging software on Samsung phones has a schedule feature. To access it, launch the programs and proceed with creating a message and choosing the relevant contact. Then, press the arrow to the left of the text box and choose the “+” button. You’ll find a slew of options, with “Schedule Message” among them. After selecting it, you must enter the precise date and time, and then click “Done.” Simple as that.

The Best Android App for Text Message Scheduling

Google Messages is the easiest solution to the issue of which third-party software is best for scheduling a test message on an Android phone. It is available for download from the Google Play Store on practically any device running the Android operating system. If you want more functionality, though, there is one programs that we heartily suggest.

Do It Later

Aside from the standard option of scheduling texts, this is a “all-in-one” scheduling tool, since it also has a bulk sender (sending messages to hundreds of contacts at once) and a reminder capability. Finally, our favorite feature is the “fake incoming call,” which allows Android users to make a phone call to a contact without having to use their phones!

We hope you found these tips useful to schedule a text message on iPhone. Stay organized and efficient in your mobile communications!