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Media PC Keyboard / Mouse Review – High End Wireless PC Experience!

I have recently reviewed the free version named PC Keyboard  and Mousebut I would definitely like to share my experience with the paid version as well, thanks to its ad-free experience and some rich enhancements – Media PC Keyboard / Mouse! 

Media PC Keyboard / Mouse Review

For those who are reading this for first time, Media PC Keyboard/Mouse is a highly productive Android app that will let you access your PC wirelessly with on-screen keypad and touchpad.

First you have to install and Windows client from here, and you need to install it on your PC. By default the client runs silently in the background and is set to Run Mode as shown in following image, or else you can QUIT it if you want to keep on pause for some time.

Once you got it all running, the client will automatically detect the app from your nearby Android device and you can start using the wireless mouse and keyboard experience right away. You can also know the PC client status and change the mouse speed settings from its PC interface.

If you have added and PC to you Big screen TV, or created a HTPC for which you need wireless access right from your couch, Media PC Keyboard / Mouse is a perfect companion designed for your Android smartphone & tablets. The user interface is specially designed for using on a tablet, but it worked flawlessly on my Nexus smartphone as well.

I have used such apps before but I almost instantly got rid of it because of poor touchpad experience, which was exactly opposite in case of this app. Touchpad is developed to follow your figures precisely, and it worked like a charm. The three on-screen touch buttons will help you get a perfect mouse experience, though taps on touchpad also worked like any other laptop pads.

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Switching to keyboard button will let you access your Android’s native keyboard directly to type faster and get android keyboard goodies like auto-correction and SWYPE as well. And it opens up scope for big customization keyboard itself, which will not be normally possible with any other app. ‘On screen function keys, Windows key, arrow keys, numerical keypad’ are the big extra features as it does not really available on your Android keyboard, which makes this app a premium wireless PC experience!

The most important function on this app will still remain the media center remote you get with one click. You get a full on screen remote like any other media PC remote with important functions like channel browsing, volume control, music player, record buttons and settings for Menu, Subtitles, audio and whatnot. This remote supports HTPC apps like Windows Media Center, XBMC and Netflix effortlessly without any need of extra tweaks.

For any HTPC user, this android app is a true delight to use as it can save his $35+ on buying wireless keyboard and mouse and some extra bucks for remote as well. I would highly recommend this app for all Android users who have HTPCs in their home or need an additional wireless mouse and keyboard combo!

Cost: $1.99

Ratings: 5/5

Download Media PC Keyboard / Mouse App For Android