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PC Keyboard And Mouse Android App Review – It Controls Everything!

While most of the people are opting for HTPCs instead of those expensive yet limited Blu-ray players, gadgets and apps for communicating HTPCs are still not perfect. Today, I have found one really productive app that eliminates the need of physical wireless keyboard and mouse if you own any android smartphone PC Keyboard and Mouse!

PC Keyboard And Mouse is a free app available to Android smartphone or tablet users that let you control your computer with the on-screen set of touchpad, buttons and symbols.

Not that I have not used such kind of app before, but what striked me most was their attention to details while designing the keyboard. Right from including the function keys, start menu button to fully usable mouse controls are pretty amazing.

You can install the server app from here, and install it in any PC that you want to control using the ‘PC keyboard and mouse Android app.’ The android app connects with that installed server and you are good to go with your wireless communication happening smoothly.

Every control works precisely with any PC and standard mouse sensitivity and overall control is pretty impressive. This app totally eliminate the need of buying any additional wireless keyboard and mouse and is a must have if you own an HTPC in your home.

The app works superbly on any Android smartphone of various screen size or specifications, and does not lag at all even when we tested it on lowest performing device. The interface becomes more usable when using or 7 or 10 inch screen & will make it one of the best android tablet that can handle your PC as well.

I would highly recommend this app to all HTPC users as well as casual PC users as an additional input option to communicate with your PC, Laptop or HTPC!

Cost: Free

Ratings: 5/5

Download PC Keyboard and Mouse Android App