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Lightopus Android Game Review – A Must Have Free Game!

When it comes to gaming on Android, very few big names come out that takes advantage of its performance at fullest. I would like to write about one highly promising & featured iOS game that recently made available in Play Store for Free – Lightopous! (Note that this game is available on iTunes app store for $2.99)

A quick cut-scene shows you a pre-game story – That you are last grown up Lightopus and you have to rescue all little lightopus eggs/babies called the bulbies. There is no continuous story within the levels, so we can call this game an arcade style action that happens within a beautiful environment.

It takes small time to understand what is going around the screen as it is hard to figure out bad guys, power-ups and overall zone on first use. But the first tutorial is designed supremely well for anyone to understand almost all aspect of the game.

You basically have to rescue bulbies that revolves around you and as you move forward they protect you from small villains that flow around you. You have to match the minimum number of bulbies and then you can fly out of the zone to the next level. But you can optionally stay more inside it and grab more stars which eventually adds up more score.

User can not directly attack the villains but he moves around really fast and fluidly and as you collect more of bulbies your armour gets tougher to fight itself.

There are many obstacles that kicks you away from it restricting the overall motion adding up more danger to your journey within the zone. So overall the game is some part combat, some part point collection and some part arcade action, which makes it one of a kind.

More you move to next levels the boss villains become more big and dangerous that adds more juice to overall combat action. Music is very compelling and changes according to gameplay, that makes it a realistic experience.

The lead hero Lightopus is designed really well and his tail repels the baddies away, the overall design of the game is very superior considering the game is coming from small studio BulkyPix located in Malaysia. In fact many game designers can take inspiration from them for creative design of Lightopus game as well as the new approach to score collection game.

To Sum Up..

Lightopus is beautiful, fluid and unusual arcade game that can get you addicted easily on your android device. And bigger your smartphone screen size is you are going to enjoy this game the most!

Cost: Free

Ratings:  5/5

Download Lightopus For Android