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Decoy Hide My Text Android App For Hiding Texts [Free App]

Many a times we wish we could hide certain text messages from the prying eyes of people. There now exists a solution for your android device to hide text messages.

Decoy Hide My Text is an application that makes sure your private messages stay private and are not read by anyone else. The app does not allow a text message to go to your inbox. Instead it directly hides the message in a passwpord protected vault.

How exactly does ‘Decoy Hide My Text Work ?

1. As soon as you click on this app, it shows bouncing balls. But surprise, when you shake it a login screen appears.

2.Once you login, you can set the app to hide text messages from certain contacts.

3. There exists a tab to view all the hidden messages.

4. Any time a text message arrives, you receive a notification about bouncing balls.

5. Log in to the app and you can see all the hidden text messages.

Decoy Hide Text Android App Review Decoy Hide Texts Android Free App


Features of  Decoy Hide My Text Android App

1. Password protected vault to hide text messages.

2. New message notifications saying “FuzzyBalls update available”.

3. Option to enable/disable sound, vibratration for notification.

4. Decoy to avoid any doubt.

Price: Free  | Download Free Version