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Comparing Gaming Between Smartphones And Tablets

There has been an increasing trend over the last twelve months or so for the displays on smartphones to become larger, while tablets continue to shrink. In fact their technologies have become so convergent that some of the latest devices can no longer be considered to be one or the other, and this has led to the so-called “phablet”. Despite that dreadful portmanteau word ‘phablet’ which is obviously a blend of phone and tablet, it’s not a bad description.

With gaming the most important factors of any device are their connectivity that is if you are playing online games or online betting on such sites like Bwin. Their power in terms of their processor and GPS, particularly for console type games that have a heavy processing and graphics demand. Of course the display, which applies equally to all kinds of games. In terms of the display the important factors are the size, the screen resolution, the quality of the colours and the contrast.


In reality in terms of the latter factors many smartphones, tablets and phablets use the same or very similar technologies, so the only thing that separates them is the actual size of the display. Generally the larger the display the better the gaming experience, though it’s not just about the visual impact, it is also ergonomically important. If the display is too small then it can be difficult using virtual buttons, especially if you don’t have the finest of fingers. For example, it’s nice when you are on Bwin Sport to be able to go from bwin football odds to or any other sport within one sec which can be hard on some smartphones.

The final factor is the convenience. Carrying around a smartphone is very convenient, but carrying around a ten inch tablet is anything but. However progressively more people are getting used to carrying around smaller tablets and larger smartphones. Again it depends on the sort of gaming you enjoy. The convenience of a smartphone for online betting is apparent as you can do it any time you wish, even when you are standing in a queue, it’s not a time when you would want to use your iPad.