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Android App To Control Your PC From Phone : RemoteDroid [Review]

Today I am reviewing a really powerful app that can change your traditional computing habits. This is where the power of the Android apps comes in – This great app is named as RemoteDroid.

RemoteDroid is awesome android app the let you control your desktop PC from your android smartphone.  What this app actually does is turn your amazing touchscreen into the touchpad of your computer. Let me just explain here – how stuff works around in this app.

RemoteDroid Android App Review Control Your PC

There are basically two things you need to download – Server App of RemoteDroid ( For Desktop PC ) And  App from Marketplace named RemoteDroid.
You need to start up the server file on your PC first. Then start RemoteDroid on your Android Smartphone. Now all you got to do in insert the IP address  you see is desktop server in the app and hit Connect.
RemoteDroid Android App Review Control Your PC
Then you ll see three boxes one red and two green and a keyboard. This app will now let you access PC – Red area as touch pad and green boxes as right & left click.
RemoteDroid Android App Review Control Your PC
And this is how you can control your desktop with RemoteDroid App’s Keyboard & Mouse on your phone. This app is Free & its Pro version gives just addition of automated connection with wireless network. (You can do it manually in FREE version) So hope you have liked this review of RemoteDroid.

RemoteDroid demo from Joshua Sera on Vimeo.



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  1. Can Android Installation be done on Samsung Wave II ? If Android 2.3.1 Gingerbread Installation can be done on iPhone & iPod Touch then why not on Samsung Wave II ?
    If yes, please tell how to do it ?