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Top 3 Amazing Application Launcher Docks For Windows PC

Are you tired of the old standard Windows experience and looking for an interactive and incredible change and you need not have to change your machine complete, the experience you are looking for can also be availed using the application launchers for Windows PC. And if you don’t know what are Application launchers and what they do, read next to find out.

App launchers are the tools which basically organizes the shortcuts to your application and with them you can even give a new look to your start menu and task bar. This post will reveal you the three fabulous and incredible application launchers which will change the user experience on the same Window OS that you are using. So let have a glimpse to these fantastic alternatives for Windows PC.


This portable and the lightweight free application launcher is great and it can customize your old slow running Windows PC in such a way that you will surely go – Wow! With several fabulous skins and several options for customization there are even options to minimize the windows to the dock. Users of Windows Vista and 7 will surely enjoy the real time window preview of the minimize programs using this application launchers.

RocketDock LauncherAppetizer

Second in our list is the Appetizer, which is a small and an open source tool and it offers some degree of customization in the skins and icons packs. In the default you will get the two pre installed skins, however you can download several others from the project site. Furthermore if you know how to code, then you can even add the value to this open source with some additional functionality. But even if you are not a coder then also this free app is worth to use.

Appetizer Application DockObjectDock

Last in the list is the ObjectDock, which is also a free app. This app allows you to customize the computer interface in such a way that you will even forget that you are using your same old Windows OS. This app is free, but if you want the enhanced features and capabilities, you can even look for the paid version which is available in quite affordable cost.

Which dock would be better for you is largely depends on what level of features and customization are your expecting. As most of these, why don’t you try out all the three to find the best one for your suitability and requirement? Well all three app launchers are fabulous and you would love to play with what they offer. SO try out and do let us know your experience and feedbacks on the same.