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2-Minute Fix To Youtube Buffering Issue & Auto-Changing Resolution!

Ever faced your favourite YouTube video getting auto-changed to resolutions? How many times your experienced is ruined due to buffering no matter how fast broadband you have?

Well, most of us face this YouTube disaster on daily basis. Faster broadband users (above 1MBPS) will be forced to lower resolution, when the video begins, like 140P or 240P. We have to change it back to higher resolutions like 360P, 480P or 720P and then video stops and starts that annoying buffering again.

On the other hand, slower broadband users are most of the time waste their time in the buffering loop. After every 10 seconds a playback, YouTube starts buffering for next 5 seconds.

So how can quickly fix this issue in just 2-minutes?

2-Minute Fix to YouTube Buffering Issues & Auto Resolution Changes

A smarter solution would be pausing the YouTube video before it starts, and let it buffer for a while, and then start it. But this way, we the pausing duration varies, based on total video length, and buffering after a while becomes inevitable.

But there is a smarter solution to this YouTube issue – A browser plugin, that will do this automatically, and ensures that your videos are buffer-free 100% of the time.


This browser plugin for YouTube  is called SmartVideo, which is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Opera.

You can download the latest version here.

This plugin I am talking about, lets you set global buffer at a percentage, after which a video should start playing. Or even better, a smart-percentage selector, that decides for you.

Wrike-Team-Collaboration-Tool-1You can also set what is the minimum resolution you want the video to be played in, and it will never go below that resolution – Ever!

Additional features includes, fixing the video player size, desktop notifications for completed buffers, toggle full-screen view, HD switching and many more option to optimize your bandwidth to avoid YouTube buffering issues.

Apart from these, you can define separate settings for embedded normal YouTube videos, and also bring more control to videos included in YouTube playlists.

This free plugin has helped me solve my years long problem within a few seconds,So don’t wait, and download this free plugin today!

Do share if you can solve the issue or face any issues, about this method in comments below. Join us on Facebook for more such tutorials or tweet to me @amolwagh.