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Burn The Rope Game Now Available On Windows Phone 7 [XBOX Live]

Windows Phone 7 market is not yet as mature as Android or iOS but one thing is for sure, every day the users are getting gifts of biggies shifting to Windows Xbox Live gaming platform.

Well, This time Burn The Rope  game made available for the Windows Phone 7 marketplace. just to let you know, Burn the Rope is one of the blockbuster game on Apple iPhone/iPad and then it got migrated to Android OS few days ago. And they have really made fast development making it available to Windows phone marketplace.

I have personally shifted from Android to Windows phone 7 after I bought HTC Surround, And I really love the gaming graphics performance on Windows. The overall premium feel is in all games which is better than Android at least.

Game Description:

Burn the Rope is a challenging game where you try to burn as much rope as you can in each level. There’s a catch! The fire only burns upwards, leaving you to rotate the level to keep your flame alive!

As you progress through the levels, you’ll encounter bugs crawling along the rope. Different bugs have different reactions to the flame. For example, the ant changes the color of the flame so you can burn different colored ropes, and the spider shoots out a web bridge so you can access parts of the level that you could not before.

Burn the Rope is incredibly fun and addictive. You will actually feel like you’re burning a rope, yet there’s no need for a fire extinguisher!

Click Here to get Burn The Rope Xbox Live game on your Windows phone 7 device