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Audio Recorder HiFi Windows Phone App Review

Recording audio on a phone might come very handy at many scenarios like for analysis, your favorite concert and for your own voice capturing. But if you want a high quality sound, look no further than this app for Windows Phone 8 devices –Audio Recorder HiFi!

Audio Recorder HiFi Windows Phone App Review

Without a doubt,there are several voice recording apps are available on the Windows Phone market as of now, but they are simply recorders for basic need. But Audio Hi Fi Recorder brings a complete set of tools that are most essential for those who record more frequently.

This app will let you record in number of high quality formats with Lossless PCM (up to 48000 samples/sec) or even Lossy AAC compression.

audio-recorder-hifi-1While recording there is this very useful green bar on the side, which actually is a loudness meter for monitoring and maintaining recording levels.

The interface is very simple to understand, worked flawlessly on our testing devices like HTC 8S and Lumia 920. Even though both recording on these devices was very good, there was a notable difference between both, because high end devices like Lumia 920, have better quality microphone. So this app will help you extract the best quality of your smartphone’s mic, no matter what WP device you have.

audio-recorder-hifi-2This app will help you record even under the locked screen, which is a much needed feature, as you might loss valuable audio in case screen goes off. Similarly, the app also plays in background, so you can use your phone for performing other tasks.

As I frequently record videos for YouTube, organized way of storing audio was a much needed feature for me,. And ‘Audio Recorder HiFi’ brings a great organizer with this app, where you can manage your tracks and folders. You can also, attatch photos and notes to your recording to make the experience even better.


You can export the tracks to OneDrive or Music Hub, and use it later on for further processing, if you need to.

The overall experience using this app was flawless, and its the only app I have found, that lets you manage your recording properly. But most important thing is, out of every other app I had tried before, Audio Recorder HiFi provided the best quality of all. Being a free app, I recommend every Windows Phone 8 user, to try this app at least once!

Cost: Free

Download Audio Recorder HiFi