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The International Telecom Community Awarded Nexign Microservices Platform Twice in a Week

Business Wire IndiaNexign (part of ICS Holding), an international provider of business support systems (BSS), has announced it won the MEA Technology Achievement Award and was shortlisted for another prestigious international award for the telecom industry, Glotel.

The MEA Tech Award was introduced by the MEA Business magazine, one of the business’s top publications in the Middle East and Africa, while the Global Telecom Award brings together the top players in telecom from around the world recognizing innovation and excellence.

The prize and the nomination were awarded the same week for the Nexign Microservices Platform and the Microservices Factory project based on it.

Nexign Microservices Platform supports the whole cycle of development and delivery based on cloud-native microservices architecture, which lays the foundation for continuous creation of new digital services. The framework leverages CI/CD automation and facilitates partner collaboration through standardised APIs. This solution enabled the launch of Microservices Factory at MegaFon and allowed the company to reduce TTM for internal innovations. Nexign Microservices Framework empowered MegaFon to roll out 100+ new services, bring to market a multi-subscription digital services platform MegaFon Plus, and generally slash TTM from 3-4 months up to 2 weeks.

The project resulted in building the Open Ecosystem, constantly expanding with the new partners enriching MegaFon’s portfolio with the new product offerings. Nexign Microservices Platform enables telecom operators to always stay at the forefront of market changes and steadily cater to the ever-changing needs of its customers.

Both the development project and the final product have garnered recognition from the international telecom industry, to which the MEA Tech Award and the Glotel nomination are a token.

“The award and the nomination are not just a huge honour for Nexign. They signify the professional community’s recognition and appreciation of our projects. We strongly believe the Microservices Platform is a solution the world of telecom really needs these days. It would allow CSPs to swiftly react to any challenges the market can throw at them,” says Dmitry Antipov, the Customer Relations Director at Nexign.

About Nexign

Nexign (a part of Intellectual Computer Systems Holding (ICS Holding) is a major supplier of BSS solutions for telecom operators across 17 countries. The company focuses on modernising CSP’s IT systems to boost their profitability and slash TTM for new products.

Over 30 years on the market, Nexign has created an extensive suite of technological solutions to support and sustain transformation of telecom operators. Nexign’s products range from convergent BSS systems to elaborate optimisation solutions for subordinate software. Nexign boasts its comprehensive approach to reorganising all kinds of processes in the telecom industry, which offers a fresh impetus to the customer business and encourages innovations.

For more information, please visit the website and follow the latest news from Nexign on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

About ICS Holding

Intellectual Computer Systems Holding ( is a multidisciplinary Russian IT group, which holds a leading position in the technology and IT services development market. ICS Holding is the largest IT provider for telecom operators and one of the fastest growing IT holdings in the Russian market. ICS Holding is among Russia’s top three largest IT development companies, top ten IT companies and top ten suppliers of equipment for the industrial sector. The holding brings together more than 30 companies united in five subholdings: YADRO, Nexign, Citadel, Kryptonit and Forpost.

ICS Holding’s top priorities include the digital transformation of enterprise companies, information security, data storage systems, cryptography and quantum computing, machine learning and artificial neural networks, blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI). In terms of geographical reach, the business covers all regions of Russia, as well as several countries in the CIS and further afield.

ICS Holding companies employ in excess of 6,000 people. More than 120 global projects have been implemented in Russia and worldwide. More than 1000 of ICS Holding’s customers work in more than 20 countries.

The total revenue of ICS Holding companies in 2020 reached 85 billion rubles. The partner network of ICS Holding includes more than 50 companies in Russia and beyond.

15.09.2020 ICS Holding became a part of USM Telecom.


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