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T-Mobile Gets 3G Roaming Deal And Wireless Spectrum Thanks To AT&T Breakup

The sky is getting clear now, after the dispersion of clouds from the news on AT&T giving up its plans for the acquisition of T-Mobile and it seems like expensive merger has now got submerged.

It was revealed that, the proposed deal of USD 39 billion fell through, the AT&T now have to pay the piles of cash along with the other benefits to T-Mobile. AT&T will not boost up the T-Mobile coverage by entering into the deal of 7 years 3G roaming agreement. It also have to give up the AWS-Advance Wireless Solution spectrum which covers 128 cellular market areas, which also includes the twelve of the top twenty US markets. Speculations are there that, T-Mobile will get huge boost in the coverage and it will reach to the mark of 280 million uses in US.

Furthermore to this, AT&T will also pay a huge sum of USD 3 Billions to the Deutsche Telekom as the break-up compensation.


The new services agreements will now become quite crucial for the T-Mobile, if they want to stop the tides of the customers leaving their services. T-mobiles current customers will although get the benefits of more network coverage and spectrum that will enhance the data delivery on the smart phone.

T-Mobile today said that, they do not have the fall back plans right now but they are scrambling to find out ‘what they gonna do next’. As the company does not offer the iPhone officially, it is the major loss they are facing after going against the AT&T, Sprint and Verizon.

Let’s hope T-Mobile makes best out of this deal !