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Folks, Get ready For The 11 Digit Mobile Numbers

As you are aware that, India is adding record breaking subscribers every month in the telecom sector Mobile industry is now running out of the 10 digit mobile numbers. The market capacity is so big, and is growing spontaneously showing us the need of enhanced number systems. Department of Telecom (DoT) have told that there is not only growth in subscribers but also in service providers entering market giving scope for competition and enhanced quality services, therefore there is need of 11 digit numbering system.

India has added almost 10.82 million mobile subscribers only in December 2008. As per the Telecom Engineering Center, they have plan for 30 years, when they have introduced 10 digit numbers back in year 2003. But the growth was so quick that any analysis would fail. And it happened just in 6 years.

Technically the infrastructure is totally ready so that this numbering system can be implemented in coming two years. There very less technical problems but yes the consumers can face some problems in initial period to adopt this change.

They are planning to allot the number sets to different operators so that they can implement it easily in their existing technical infrastructure.

So Folks, Just wait and Get ready for the 11 Digit mobile numbers ! ! !

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