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The Top 10 Future Technology Trends In 2020

Technology is advancing at a very high rate. The trends have transformed our daily activities and lives. A good example is the ability of punters to play poker online through the WSOP platform and other online casinos. Here are future technology trends to look out for in 2020:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is whereby algorithms are programmed to apply knowledge automatically. Basically, human intelligence is simulated by computer systems. It can be used in most areas of your life, for instance, in banking, smart cars, healthcare, and IoT devices.

AI technology is the most potent force in technological advances.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things refers to a network of “things” connected with software and other technologies. The purpose is to exchange data over the internet. In an organization’s set up, it is easy to monitor and control different activities with the use of IoT.

There will be a lot of use of IoT devices in the future. One of the areas that will benefit is agriculture. Smart farming will enable farmers to monitor their crops’ yields and get more information on rainfall, soil nutrition, and pests.

Edge Computing

With edge computing, web applications and internet devices are brought closer to the source of data. It becomes easier for communication to take place. The benefits that come with edge computing are trusted computing, high bandwidth, and low latency.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

AR and VR technology have changed how people interact with each other, machines, and data. Businesses are incorporating mixed reality into their processes. With this integration, they can improve their flexibility, process efficiency, and productivity among employees.

This technology has also brought significant transformation in the entertainment world. The future of gaming and online casinos lies in the hands of AR and VR.

5G Networks

Another technology that you should look out for in 2020 is 5G connections. 5G will introduce significant connectivity improvements such as high device density, low latency, and intelligent power. This technology will also act as a catalyst for other technological innovations like smart cities, augmented reality, and networked vehicles. Some first-world countries like China have already rolled out the implementation of the network.

Serverless Computing

This technology is also known as Function as a Service or FaaS. FaaS allows companies to develop solutions that they can scale in real-time. This flexibility will enable them to respond accordingly to instantaneous changes in demand. With FaaS, businesses can offer consumption-based platforms. Their developers can also deploy applications quickly and economically.


As most transactions shift to the internet, the need for safe transactions across the internet is increasing. Blockchain is the solution. Businesses can use the technology to manage their data and supply chain activities. In 2020 you should expect to see more enterprises integrating the blockchain technology in their operations.


The biometrics technology will sort the need for enhanced security. More organizations will innovatively incorporate biometrics into their security systems. The use of the technology will go beyond businesses. Individuals will begin using the technology in their smart homes. Significant advancements have been made in handheld devices and applications. You can now sign in to your online accounts using your fingerprints for increased security. You should expect more innovations in this area in 2020.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing is a field of AI. The technology enables computers to analyze and comprehend human language. It uses speech-to-text in converting human language to a programming language. To convert a computer process into an audible response, it uses text-to-speech. You should expect more breakthroughs in this technology in various sectors. There are already trials with robots that can communicate well with humans using speech.

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is the technology that could trigger the development of new developments in science. The healthcare system would benefit greatly from medications and diagnoses. This technology will provide a solution to the limitations of current computing power.

With quantum computing, you can analyze and process big data effectively. It is also the key to get the best out of other technologies, such as machine learning and AI.