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The Superior Health And Safety Of Automated Home Design

In 2019, 141 million voice control smart home devices were shipped worldwide, which is a growth of 30 percent over the previous year. Smart home technology will likely continue to grow since homeowners are placing a greater premium on health and safety.  Much smart tech is touchless, self-cleaning, and secure. It’s also pretty stylish.

Smart Tech And The Modern Home

There’s nothing more “modern” than automated home technology. Smart tech design, which encompasses a range of automated and connected devices and appliances that simplify and optimize the domestic experience, is the newest stage in the evolution of the modern home. Homeowners are ceding more and more of their design decisions to technology, which will make better choices than they can if they prioritize security and safety over independence. Smart tech-designed houses can have automatic lights, locks, alarms, sinks, toilets, HVAC, and many other household staples. The health benefits of these designs are especially evident at this point in time.

Touchless And Self-Cleaning Appliances

In a home designed with smart technology, residents can go about their day touching very few things. This is one of the  best defenses against harmful contaminants. Multiple people occupying a conventionally-designed house will have to touch the same handles and surfaces. If these handles and surfaces are installed with smart tech, however, they either won’t need to be touched or will make touching less risky. They accomplish these feats by operating or cleaning themselves via a touchless cue.
Sinks and toilets are among the smart appliances that can turn on and off with a simple wave of the hand or change of position. They’ve long been common in businesses like restaurants and airports. Now they’re entering private domiciles. Not only can these beautiful vanities and modern toilets be commanded by motion; with certain programming they can be activated with voice, smartphone app, or a toe tap. All of these prompts can activate smart lighting so that illumination will occur without the flip of a switch.
Home renovations in Austin and other modernized areas can be done with the help of self-cleaning smart tech. In such places, home building can be customized so that if smart tech is wanted, smart tech will be provided. Toilets, showers and ovens are just some of the self-cleaning technology provided by modern renovators. If you’re modernizing your home during the pandemic, you can’t go wrong with appliances that eliminate pathogens so you don’t have to.

Safety And Security

Another benefit of designing a home with automated features is protection from external hazards. Internal hazards in the form of microscopic menaces are bad enough that you shouldn’t have to contend with inferior security. A smart home prioritizes security, perhaps more than anything else.
Alarms, locks, pass codes, keys, motion sensors, surveillance cameras and every other part of a home’s security system can be automated – with the home owner the sole master of system. The security systems in smart home design are so evolved that some come with a smart video doorbell, which allows homeowners to view their visitor without having to open the door.
It’s hard to call any home décor “modern” if it doesn’t include a few automated devices. Smart technology is taking over domestic life and making homeowners safer and healthier. It’s times like these when touchless and self-cleaning home appliances are particularly appreciated.