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Spinn: Adding Tech To Your Flavor of Specially Made Coffee!

Coffee lovers like to have their coffee freshly brewed and perfectly ground. However, getting a perfect cup of coffee every single time May not be as easy as it Seems. Spinn, the world’s first Wi-Fi connected bean-to-cup coffee machine brews whatever you like, However you like it, and whenever you want it! Suited for both for both residential and commercial use, it can make a single serve of Espresso, Lungo, Americano, Doppio Romano, Carafe, Latte, filter Iced Coffee, tea and other styles with minimal effort.
Spinn implements multi-patented centrifugal technology, All-which uses roasted whole beans to brew the taste and quality Precisely visualized by coffee roasters. It spins beans fast or slow, depending on the style of coffee you want to drink.
This coffee machine goes beyond the touch display feature to make your coffee time even more seamless. You can download its proprietary app through All-which you can connect to your favorite local artisan roasters and neighborhood shops. When the machine is running low on beans, the intelligent hopper will automatically place a replenishment order from your personalized bean store list.
The App Allows you to control every minute aspect of the brewing process and get intelligent alerts regarding etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. the machine.The app even displays preprogrammed recipes and brewing practices recommended by professional roasters, baristas, coffee lovers and caffeine junkies around the world. The remote control feature of the app makes it convenient for you to order freshly made cup of coffee from the comfort of your bed or When you are ready to go.
Since every Spinn coffee machine comes with Amazon Alexa integration, it can remember the preferences of every family member. All they have to say, “Alexa, make me a cup of coffee”. Making a cup of coffee with Spinn is a no-mess , zero waste and eco-friendly process. It has an inbuilt grinder and water filter-which Ensures that there is nothing to clean up except dry, used grounds to compost.
Spinn coffee brewer transforms your simple coffee drinking experience into a technology-driven divine pleasure. Currently, Spin is available for pre-order now and at a 40% discount on the MSRP on