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Smart Boats and Modern Games: How Technology Is Changing the Image of Fishing

It is estimated that around 60 million people around the planet make a living from fishing, but many of them do so using techniques that have barely changed over centuries.

Spear-fishing and Southern Spain’s historic almadraba technique are among the way of catching fish that have been around for thousands of years. Yet, there are some modern advances that could change how we view this activity forever.

Source: Pixabay

Smart Boats Can Track the Fish Population

Currently, the majority of people who fish around the world do so in small-scale operations or on their own. The problem this causes is that it is impossible to keep track of the amount of fish collected and, therefore, manage the sea’s population wisely.

By connecting a network of smart boats using mobile technology, it is possible to get an overall picture of the current situation. Sensors could spot the activity taking place at all times and calculate how many fish are in the area. The Electronic Recording and Reporting System is already used in the EU to track fishing activity.

This approach should help guide fishing boats to the best places to catch fish without damaging the ecosystem. Huge amounts of data would be available for analysis, allowing us to make the best possible use of one of the planet’s most valuable resources.

The Blockchain Increases Traceability and Sustainability

With blockchain technology now being used in so many industries, it is no surprise to see that it is being used in fishing too. The key area that it can improve is traceability, as is shown in the recent example with the Patagonian toothfish industry in the Southern Ocean.

The end consumer will be able to see everything about the fish, from where it was caught to which boat it was landed on and when it was processed. By scanning the barcode, we can discover everything we want to know about the fish, which provides peace of mind and also helps to ensure sustainability in the industry.

 Source: Pixabay

Modern Fishing Games Let Us Sample Different Approaches

Fishing might seem like an unlikely subject for modern games, but developers have worked out how to add drama to the activity using the latest gaming technology. Perhaps the best-known fishing game is Sega Bass Fishing, which started out as an arcade game before being converted into a variety of home console formats.
Many games feature fishing mini-games as quests or bonus sections. For example, you can go fishing in World of Warcraft, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, or The Sims 4. The mechanics aren’t always realistic, but they work well by adding some excitement to the gameplay.

The Fishin Frenzy slot from Blueprint Gaming shows how fishing can be adapted for a modern online slot. With five reels and ten paylines, this game offers free spins and includes a fisherman who reels in fish to provide bonus payouts too.

More realistic games that show the correct technique for catching fish include Depth Hunter: The Spearfishing Simulator and Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour. These titles are well worth investigating if you want to see how gaming technology can be used to accurately show us some of the skills needed in fishing.
We are sure to see even more advances in fishing technology in the future, from more comprehensive smartphone apps to slick ways of using all of the data this is obtained.