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Rian’s New Translation Platform Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Youth are moving away from the Indian regional languages as there are not enough opportunities for them in their local languages. A key reason is that the latest information and innovation is available in English but doesn’t get translated in local languages due to high translation cost. Rian has created a solution that dramatically reduces the cost of translation while making it very simple and fast to address this problem. The platform also creates job opportunities in local languages.

Rikaian Technology Pvt Ltd. is a Pune based company, which innovated Rian ( as a means to create jobs by simplifying the end-to-end translation process. Rian is an AI-powered platform that speeds up the translation process by automatically translating the body of the text, leaving only refinements to be completed with the high-quality human review. Anandsagar Shiralkar, the founder of Rian and head of Rikaian Technology, is a Pune resident who set out to develop the tools to help both globalization and local communities to thrive. Making intelligent translation technology affordable and available to anyone is the answer to the industry’s unprecedented potential for growth.

Growth of the Translation Industry

Just like electricity changed virtually every industry over a century ago, today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is doing the same. The automation of language conversion, in step with technological advances worldwide, is changing the way traditional translators have thought and worked till now.

A study from Common Sense Advisory found that  75% of customers “prefer to buy products in their native language.” And insights from Indian market research company Juxt Consult shows that “almost three-quarters [of Indian consumers] prefer and seek out content in their first language.”

It is estimated that in the next couple of years, Indian language internet users will account for 75% of India’s total user base! (FICCI website).Localization will be key to supporting these HUGE local language internet users, with the primary challenge to reaching out to a largely multilingual population. Thus Rian, with particular expertise in Indian languages, clearly stands apart from all others in its potential for practical application.

At the time of the press conference, Mr. Gautam Kulkarni (COO of the Company) said, “We know that overcoming language barriers is not only a matter of technology. Rian, therefore, is providing holistic end-to-end solutions, streamlining the best combination of people, processes, tools, and data.”

Mr. Pavan Agrawal who is co-founder and head of the strategy said: “The efficiency and efficacy of this tool, powered by machine and human collaboration, is providing lucrative careers – even for those who are new to translation.”

How Rian Makes the Difference?

Rian’s translation software allows you to convert an assortment of document types into 40 languages including major Indian and foreign languages. It converts Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Videos and more (over 20 file formats!) inside their native applications and from the original languages in which they were created. And despite being very user-friendly, it includes additional features such as online training, email and even live support for Rian users.

Start Translating Today!

Driven by the increase in globalization and the continued shift toward e-commerce, translation services are in huge demand.

Rian is eager to hear from Indian locals ready to get started in the new automated translation industry. Do you want to know more? Register from the following link and we will reach out to you

Within a very short span of time, over 3000 users have chosen RIAN as a translation platform. Over 50 million words have been translated so far and if RIAN is continuing its rapid increase in usage, it will soon deliver on its mission to positively change a million people’s lives.