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Is 2020 The Year Apps Become The Norm?

Since smartphones were invented, it’s become something of a cliché to observe how there’s an app for everything. Whether it’s banking, ordering food, or just socializing with friends, most big brands have had apps for many years.

When mobile phone apps were first introduced, many would have doubted that they would end up being used for something as serious as blood donation. However, that is exactly what’s happened now that the Indian Red Cross has launched an app. As part of the Digital India Scheme, an app has now been created that allows people to order up to four units of blood at one time. A process that would have been hugely stressful for medical departments has now become as easy as ordering food or clothing.

If the Indian Red Cross is using phone apps for something as important as blood, does this mean that we’re now at the point where everything can be done from our phones?

Does every business now need an app?

Announcements like these will only increase the importance of apps for local businesses. At this stage, there is almost an expectation from customers that big businesses will have an app. It is almost seen as a sign of weakness or a lack of consideration for customer service if they don’t have one.

It’s not just big businesses that need to be thinking about their app offerings. To compete with the big brands, smaller businesses will need to make it just as easy to order products and services. As coronavirus continues to dominate societies around the world, people will want more ways of doing things without having to leave their homes or meeting with people face to face.

How easy is it for a business to get an app?

Although it may be easy to use an app, it’s difficult for a small business to even begin to think about how they could manage to make a functioning app. This is why it’s important to choose a team of reliable software developers with experience in creating apps for businesses to help. Teams like Chicago’s Plego Technologies have been creating websites and apps ever since the internet was first used by the general public and can build a custom app to meet any business needs.

Even if your business rarely deals with the general public, apps can be especially useful for anything from organizing workforces to scheduling meetings and keeping track of inventory.

What will we be using apps for next?

So, apps can now seemingly get you any product or service, even blood, without having to talk to another human being. They could also be increasingly used to pay for goods and services. When Apple first announced Apple Pay back in 2014, it was seen as a bit of a gimmick that many customers wouldn’t trust with their finances. As the handling of cash is considered by many as a way of transmitting germs, some experts are predicting it may soon become the norm for businesses to refuse cash payments.

If that’s the case, then mobile phone payments could soon overtake physical ones.