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How to Write Email Campaigns that Boost Ecommerce Sales

Running an email campaign is one of the most direct ways to connect with a quality lead. Yet, relatively few businesses effectively use email marketing to drive ecommerce sales. This is a missed opportunity. Thankfully, it’s never too late to set up an email marketing campaign that will generate more sales. You can use this guide to get started:

Review Your Contacts

Consumers share information with businesses all the time. As such, successful businesses will often have a long contact list of several hundred (or more) quality leads. People on this contact list may have already made a purchase from your business; or they may have attended an event you hosted; or downloaded an ebook you wrote. Regardless, the first step to creating a winning email marketing campaign is to vet your contacts thoroughly. Create an email list based on the specifics of your campaign, and exclude all contacts who don’t fit your target audience.

Craft a Compelling Email

The best marketing emails attract lots of attention and deliver tons of value. There is no secret formula to generating a compelling email. In general, though, excellent emails contain at least some of the following elements:

  • Eye-catching subject line. (This should give the reader a good reason to open your email.)
  • In-depth content that serves to educate the reader on a paint point or common problem.
  • A call to action to inspire the reader to take the next step.
  • A promotion or special offer tailored to the reader’s needs or preferences.

Follow Up

If at first you don’t succeed ––send a follow up email. Just make sure to mix up your message slightly on a follow up email for consumers who haven’t responded yet. And, at a certain point, cancel the emails altogether. Leads who don’t respond to or open emails after months of trying can be removed from your list without any fear of losing out on a client. These bad leads can actually negatively affect your spam score and other email marketing metrics. Purge them on a regular basis.

Track Performance

Whether you’re trying to promote a new line of 2 ml serological pipettes or bath soap, it’s always a good idea to track the performance of your email marketing efforts. That way, you can see which emails and which strategies produced the best results in the past –– thus allowing you to market more efficiently in the future. Email campaigns enable marketers to collect tons of useful data, so don’t waste this opportunity