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How Technology Can Save You Money

Technology has changed the world in so many ways, but sometimes it can be difficult to make the link between technology and how it can actually save you money. With tech gadgets becoming increasingly expensive, it feels like the tech market has not given much thought to people’s financial realities. But we know that’s not entirely true as technology could actually save you money. That’s right you can use tech to your advantage in the following ways and watch your bank balance grow.

Download A Budgeting App

Have you thought about ways in which you could save on your monthly expenses? Is there a way you could refinance your existing student loans into a new loan with a private lender? If so, you can use a student loan refinance calculator to check your interest rate so you know what to expect to pay for repayments. Are you paying more than you need to for life and car insurance? Can you get a better interest rate on your credit card loans? Download a budgeting app and you’ll be able to pinpoint areas where you could save money each month.

Invest in A Smart Thermostat

Have you ever wondered how much it costs to run specific appliances in your home? Invest in a smart thermostat and you will. You’ll also be able to make the most of your heating and cooling systems without wasting energy or money. Once installed, you’ll get a true awareness of your household’s energy patterns and you’ll be able to regulate the cooling and heating according to when your home is occupied or about to be occupied. For ease of use, you’ll be able to connect the thermostat with your smartphone or laptop and control the system from there.

Buy A Coffee Machine

Did you know that popping to your local café or coffee chain for your morning fix could be costing you $1000+ per year? And that’s only if you count the first cup of coffee per day. Invest in a coffee machine and you’ll make huge savings. Yes, you’ll still have to buy pods and milk but you’ll save a considerable amount of money in the long run. Treat yourself to a portable cup too for that coffee-on-the-go experience so you don’t miss out.

Swap Out All Old Light Bulbs

Smart light bulbs illuminate the future when it comes to lighting. You have a couple of options when it comes to replacing your old light bulbs with smart bulbs, LED lighting and eco-bulbs being the three most popular. Choose smart bulbs if your budget allows you to as you’ll be able to control the bulbs from your phone, even when you’re not at home.

Have A Virtual Garage Sale

Do you have items lying around your home that you’re no longer using? Have a virtual garage sale and make some money. It’s as simple as taking photos of the items you’d like to sell and setting up a listing on an online marketplace stating the price you’d like and a brief description of each item. Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and eBay are just three of the most popular sites.