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How Can Technology Change the Way We Love?

Over the last 25 years, hundreds of dating sites appeared on the Internet which allowed people from all over the world to search for love globally. Of course, online dating has a lot of benefits. Being able to meet people locally and globally gives single men and women of any age a great chance to find that perfect one. However, there are some downsides to using popular dating sites. In this article, we would like to talk about all the pros and cons of how technology changes that way we love.

5 Examples of How Technology Changes the Way We Build Relationship

View the list of 5 examples of how using PC and mobile devices change the way we meet people, communicate and build a relationship. We tried our best to highlight all the positive and negative sides of “online love” to help you understand how it can benefit you and the way it can bring you troubles.

1. A vast choice

Having a big choice of good-looking women and handsome men is great but it also causes troubles. Our grandparents certainly weren’t spoilt for choice, they cared for personality more than for look unlike us. Modern dating platforms are visual. Once registered at an online dating website, you can see hundreds of photos of sexy girls and nice guys, so you just scroll down pages of photos that belong to people from around the planet. From one side, a large choice is good but it leads to you being confused and not knowing what you are looking for exactly.

2. No much effort

Meeting people through your PC or mobile device is extremely easy: find someone who you like by the photo and text him or her. If you usually worry about talking to strangers and looking into their eyes, you don’t have to do it when dating on the Internet. You can have dates at any time of the day and night, you can reach anyone by sending a text or wink, showing interest, etc. This is definitely very convenient especially if you are meeting foreigners but we are slowly forgetting how it feels to have butterflies in our stomach and have no need to make an effort to surprise someone who we like.

3. Away from affair

Technology allows us to stay connected with people 24/7. Skype, WhatsApp and other messaging apps help to develop a long-distance relationship. Nowadays, we can stay in touch and even improve our intimate relationship with our loved ones when separated. With the help of web cams, couples can work on their relationship and avoid having affairs. This is certainly a huge advantage of using devices. Couples can enjoy sexting and teasing each other on a web cam which allows them to not lose sparks regardless of big distance.

4. Liberal choice

Gays, lesbians, and transsexuals also want love but for them to make contacts in public places is more difficult than for straight people. Our society still hasn’t fully accepted the fact that love doesn’t have frames, age, and orientation. There are so many people who struggle with finding love because of their sexual preferences. Luckily, there is a wide choice of platforms for gay singles where they can meet like-minded partners and develop a relationship.

5. International/interracial relationship

Thinking of dating and marrying someone from abroad was impossible 50 years ago unless a person had to immigrate. Nowadays, there are more and more international couples who tell their success stories that began online. A big number of dating websites and apps focus on interracial dating allowing white, black, Asian, Arab and Latin singles to meet regardless of borders and fall in love. We can enjoy meeting people of different skin colors, religion, cultures and traditions and getting a better chance of meeting our soul mate.


As you can see there are more advantages of using a dating site if you are looking for contacts and developing a relationship with someone who you are fond of. It’s important to keep balance and not go so digital because you can miss out on so many great things that surround you. Spending all your free time messaging and video chatting will never substitute communication in real life. Technology helps to meet people in a more convenient way, communicate and always stay in touch with partners, however, lack of proper talks, hugs, intimacy, and actions can lead to losing your feeling towards each other.