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Biggest Technology Complaints

We all love having access to the latest technology and in most cases, it makes our lives not only easier but more exciting. Online casinos and sportsbooks are a good example but even sportsbooks have problems and below you will find some of the biggest technology complaints.

In terms of computers, mobile phones, and tablets, the biggest complaint received is that the device is not working or that some of the features cannot be accessed. It does not matter if it is the device itself that has an issue or of it is the software, unfortunately, this is a problem which never seems to go away. Just like any other product, such as a car or microwave, there is chance something can go wrong with an electronic device, like a mobile phone or personal computer. However, with so much competition in the tech market, companies are now having to raise their game and people are more than happy to leave a negative review online if they are unhappy with the performance of a product.

Another of the most common complaints when it comes to technology is the short life cycle of devices. Mobile phones is a good example and even tech which was released two years can become obsolete very quickly. Perhaps the company developing the device no longer issues updates and therefore the device can long run certain applications, meaning you must upgrade to the latest handset to continue using all of your favourite features. You will often see many of the leading mobile phone companies introducing new handsets every year, with three or four versions of the same handset for sale. Consumers are often tempted by the latest addition and will upgrade but many people will choose to remain with their current mobile phone until the company decide to stop providing updates for the device.

No one likes hidden fees and this is one of the top technology complaints. For example, you may decide to purchase a new gaming console and want to play against your friends online. You have a good internet connection and cannot wait to meet them online for a game. However, before you can play against your friend, you must sign up for an account to play games online and this requires a monthly or annual fee. If you look closely at the box or in the instruction manual, somewhere you will find where it says you must pay additional fees to access the service but it is not clear on buying the product. The same applies with tiered pricing structures and some tech companies will keep their most comprehensive services behind a paywall, which can be extremely frustrating.

Finally, we come to customer service and this is one of the major complaints you will find regarding technology. Many people still require some assistance when it comes to setting up or using a piece of technology but the help is not always on hand. No one wants to buy a new product but be unable to use it because they are not sure about how something works and do not want to risk using it until they know exactly what to do.