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B.Tech with Specialization in Internet of Things – Take the Next Step

The country is running at a fast pace to become technologically advanced. With various innovations and new technologies coming up, it becomes important for the students to be prepared for the future. Those days are long gone when a regular B. Tech would guarantee a high-paying job. Today, organizations are looking to hire professionals who have a fair knowledge of the domain they are hiring for.

IoT or Internet of Things, in short, is about taking the power of the internet beyond smartphones, tablets, and computers. IoT is about extending the power of the internet to a whole range of other things, including environment and processes. IoT is nothing but an ecosystem of connected objects that are accessible through the internet. The applications of IoT are rapidly increasing across sectors – smart homes, wearables, connected health, car, and smart supply chain, to name a few.

Students looking for a long-term and rewarding career that offers immense possibilities to explore and further flourish, should go for B.Tech with Specialization in Internet of Things. The Internet of Things course syllabus covers even the minutest things, including descriptive analytics for IoT lab.

Internet of Things course syllabus covers the overview of what is IoT, how it works, and what is the impact on customers and businesses. Further, the course offers a detailed elucidation of each layer of IoT and its role. Until now, no course could teach the students specifically about IoT and its applications. Anyone with a basic understanding of microprocessors and electronics became a suited candidate for the field. However, now, AICTE has revised the curriculum and engineering students in their first year will have to study artificial intelligence, big data analytics, robotics, and Internet of Things.

Those having a strong command over embedded systems, computer programming, networking, data management, machine learning, network security, UI/UX design, cloud computing, and mobile development have high chances of excelling in the field.

Jobs in the field of Internet of Things are based on NET, Java, Hadoop, Big Data, and more. As an IoT techie, you will be implementing codes, managing files over the network, extracting data, and then work on the modeling of the extracted data. You may also require to manage the server, VPN, and other elements before you create an application. Engineers and programmers are showered with great opportunities in the field of IoT.

Career and Placement Opportunities

After the completion of the course, you will be eligible to work in any of the fields including:

  • IOT & SmartCity – Applications Developer
  • IOT & SmartCity – Testing Specialist
  • IOT Technology Architect / SmartCity Solutions Architect
  • Technical Consultant for IOT & SmartCity
  • IOT ( Sensor / Communication) Security Expert
  • Technical Support Engineer ( IOT & SmartCity)
  • Entrepreneur

With so many career opportunities waiting, it’s time that you choose a B.Tech course that offers specialization in the field of IoT.

Choose the Best Place to Study!

Looking at the pace at which the IoT application in various industries is flourishing, there is no denying the fact that the job opportunities will only increase. So, if you are planning to pursue B. Tech, don’t go for the regular one, opt for B.Tech with specialization in Internet of Things. The specialization will let you know about the application in depth while making you aware of this flourishing field. Universities like UPES offer a four-year program that admits only 60 students. The Internet of Things course syllabus at such universities is diverse enough to offer the students the desired exposure. Academic collaboration with big names like IBM only increases credibility.