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5 Ways Social Media is Hurting Your Business.

Social media is a potent resource when it comes to effectiveness in the market.  It gives room for effective ways and means to reach and interact with your audience. When used without care or being sensitive it can significantly ruin your business at a breakneck rate just by making a slight mistake, and it gets to be noted by the audience. Discussed below are five sensitive ways in which the social media can hurt your business if one is not keen on them.

Boss status.

When you find out that people are not talking about your business on the social media, it means that they don’t see your seriousness at it. You should also mind what you post. When using a business account avoid posting about your daily life and occurrences. Instead, you can share of projects you are working on, talk of your achieved goals and success, tell them of your new products and also celebrate trying to show them what the business means to you. These should always be points of consideration in the number of Facebook shares that you have to make.


Not all social media platforms do favor daily posts and account activities. When you have too much to post you can opt for sites such as YouTube, Facebook, or Hello where you can make posts at least thrice in a week. You should also stick to the days you post. The worst feeling an audience or customer can have is whereby he or she loves your services but finds out you have a month without making any post. Top manage your posting you can create a posting calendar and attach it to your reminder notes.

Having unlikable social personality.

Though not all brands need you to be funny, you should always have brands that are welcoming and entertaining to try and show your audience that you are not all about business. At times it is good to create that friendly atmosphere for it shall help you get to learn more about your clients which are the audience.

Customer complaints.

Consumers get to talk about their experiences with goods they purchased via the social media. In case you see a bad review from a customer you should address it very professionally promising to check on it as soon as possible. You should also invite them to recheck of another good if the issue was resolved as per their preference. Your response to comments in more important than handling,

Hashtag Hijack.

When most companies see trending hashtags, they try to hijack them and attach advertising messages to the tags. Before taking such a step take your time to understand the origin of the hashtag. You might hijack a hashtag only to get your business into shame hence discouraging your clients both active and potential. Just hijack hashtags relevant to your line of business.


Social media is the best way and means to spread brands awareness and also a means to engage with your audience. Always be professional to avoid unnecessary dramas. Make sure that you avoid any occasion of a sensitive scenario with customers even after some get rude never be rude at them.