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4 Ways Technology and Art Are Linked

For many years, there was an apparent separation between art and technology. Technology is using theoretical science in a practical way, typically in industrial settings. Art, meanwhile, is a way that humans express their imagination and skills. Art results in things like paintings, literature, and dance, while technology results in programs like Oculus Rift and Google. With that in mind, the joining of the two might seem a little strange at first, though it has been happening since the 1960s. However, there are many ways that these two fields of study can work together. Here are four ways that technology and art do just that.


Computers can be used to create art in several ways. In addition to assisting with editing and special effects, computers also contribute to animation. Many animated films are created using a process called computer generated imagery, or CGI. This can be two-dimensional, but it is typically 3D. Art in this style includes Pixar films and the newer films of Disney or Dreamworks.


In addition to sculptures, a traditional form of art, there are some new innovations that are available with technology. First, there is the stop-motion animation style. Stop-motion animation is the practice of using small figures of puppets, clay, or other materials that are slightly moved as the film is being made. The filming is paused to move the figures. New cameras made this easier as time went on. There is also a trend of using objects that have been made with 3D printing as well. Creating art using a 3D printer is also a newer trend.


Some art forms are more obviously related to the sciences. Some artists use lasers, like Eric Standley, who creates paper cutouts using lasers, which gives the art additional detail. Others use chemistry. However, there are other sciences that can be used in art. In Japan, Yuri Suzuki uses robots in some of his art. Robots can either be animatronic or the more typically expected robots. These are typically much sleeker and can have a variety of functions. One of Suzuki’s pieces is made up of robotic instruments. To create something like this, the artist needs to have an understanding of both art and engineering.

Combining Mediums

Technology allows artists to take their work and use a variety of mediums. Some artists use computer programs to imitate traditional artistic methods, ranging from artist Michael Manning to the Disney movie Tangled. Another way that artistic mediums can be combined is that art can be photographed and then used on a virtual platform. The Google doodles are a wonderful example of this. The Doodle 4 Google 2017 theme is “What I see for the future,” where students were supposed to draw their vision for the future. The winning doodle would be uploaded and used on the Google homepage.

Art and technology work very well together. Technology gives artists the ability to experiment with new techniques. It also allows artists and fans of art to see new pieces much more quickly. Technology is assisted by art because it is a way for people to express their creativity. Art and technology are both expressions of human thought, though in different ways, therefore, both are important.