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3 Martech Trends Gaining Steam for 2020

Marketing technology is an ever-advancing field. And professionals in the marketing industry need to keep up with the latest trends in order to surpass their competitors.

Over the last 10 years, marketing technology has continued to evolve. It constantly gets updated to remain in line with consumer behaviors that are constantly changing. Plus new developments and differing media channels make it important to stay on top of the latest technological leanings.

This industry is growing incredibly fast. In fact, it’s growing faster now than it has ever done so before. The year 2020 is incredibly promising for marketing technology developments. This is an incredibly exciting time for everyone in the marketing industry and it’s necessary to keep up with the latest trends and information to stay well ahead of the game.

Thunderhawk SEO in NJ is a search marketing leader utilizing the latest technology to their advantage. They work hard to give their customers the best edge in the search engine results pages. If you intend to keep pace, you’ll need to follow suit and utilize Martech to give you and your clients a big advantage in an ever-changing landscape.

You can learn the latest Martech trends for 2020 if you continue to read on.

1. Core Innovation Is Slowing and Teams Are Focusing on Customer Experience Once Again

Over the past few years, Martech hasn’t seen a major advancement as it has in the past. With nearly 7000 marketing technology companies in existence today, we’ve recognized that technology is being used inefficiently in many cases. Leaders in this field had no choice but to regroup and rethink their approach.

At this time, companies using marketing technology have gained access to artificial intelligence and data throughout the years. This valuable information is being used as best it can, but we definitely haven’t reached our full potential in either of these areas as of yet.

Trends change and are driven by innovation. But when innovation slows down, things tend to go back to where they started. And in this case, as core innovation slows down, agile teams are now focusing on providing the best customer experience possible using data, AI, collaborative teams, strong customer relationships, and more.

This might not be the innovation you were hoping to read about, but it does exist in the Martech world all the same. Any new and upcoming innovations will only add to and magnify the capabilities of a team now that providing a solid customer experience has become the core focus once again.

2. The Future of Work Lies in Automation

Automation platforms have been around for a while. But marketers are relying on them more and more as time goes by. It helps them continue to grow and expand each year. Plus these automation tools will allow marketing companies to complete repetitive tasks on multiple channels very easily without the need to manually perform each task themselves.

Automation is also critical to the success of marketing companies because it helps them streamline their processes and create better, more efficient strategies. These strategies can be used to acquire more leads via email, other lead generation tactics, and more.

The key to utilizing automation is to make the most of it. The reason so many marketing companies are taking automation so seriously is because it helps with the following:

  • increased ROIs
  • easier campaigns management
  • keeping sales initiatives and marketing in alignment
  • accurate performance measurement
  • productivity optimization
  • customer acquisition and much more

So if your marketing agency hasn’t utilized productivity apps for automation, it’s time to take the next steps. Find the latest AI or software to help you streamline certain processes to make your company more efficient, effective, and certainly more profitable.

3. Creating Better Balance between Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Human Decisions

Lastly, people typically make 35,000 decisions on average throughout the course of a day. These decisions can be very taxing and difficult to make after a while.

Artificial intelligence has the ability to take some of these decision-making needs off of our plates. Decision making will improve with analytics, data, and automation. Teams will have an easier time making correct decisions with AI enablement and empowerment. They will magnify the strengths of every team.

Final Thoughts

Everything is always changing in the Martech space. Savvy marketers must be willing to keep up with this rapidly evolving field. Otherwise, they will get left in the dust if they aren’t careful. So use the information shared today to stay on top of the latest online marketing techniques happening now and in the near future in 2020.