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Volody Launches the Chatbot Feature to Scale up Business’ Productivity

Volody introduces chatbot to the legal industry to help the companies with their legal agreements, contracts and documents preparation and soar their efficiency

The new feature will aim not only at sustaining the brands but also skyrocket their productivity, making them not just be in the game but lead it too

Empowering legal businesses and making them embrace the change for good, the feature will help in cost-cutting and catalysing companies’ success

Volody, a prominent on-cloud enterprise software product company recently launched a new Chatbot feature in Contract Lifestyle Management System. The brand serves to be one of its kind as it introduces chatbot to aid people in the industry in preparing the legal documents. Volody understood the hassle of having a human employee to deal with the simple legal agreements in a company, which were 90% of the time standardised agreements. Thus, the brand created a chatbot to save time and soar the productivity levels of the organisation as they could deploy the human workforce for other significant tasks and roles.

Volody is an on-cloud company, which has been known to provide a bouquet of products best suited for legal and compliance functions. Delving into the layers of concerns faced by the legal firms, the brand witnessed that most of the legal contracts in an organisation required basic information about parties, commercial, tenor and scope; therefore debuting chatbot, the latest advancement and the need of the hour in the legal industry. This new niche technology will enable businesses like FMCG, Banks, Insurance and the NBFC sector to prepare legal agreements and contracts digitally while simultaneously empowering the industry as it smoothens the operations and functions.

Understanding the current scenario and the changing needs of the day, it has not only become imperative for the businesses to sustain themselves but to remain competitive and cost-efficient. The companies are advised to find ways to rationalize costs, scale up their efficiency along with eventually increasing their business and profits to create new opportunities amidst the pandemic. This is where the newly launched feature steps in. The all-new chatbot by Volody will focus on augmenting the overall productivity of legal functions across organisation along with helping the businesses in cost-cuttings and being more efficient.

Commenting on the launch of the new feature, Dinesh Sharma, Founder & CEO, Volody, said, “We are very proud that Volody is the first company, which has launched a chatbot for legal agreements preparation. Volody is committed to giving the world-class product to businesses to digitize their businesses especially, legal agreement preparations and chatbot feature comes as very much handy and generates immense efficiencies.”


About Volody

Volody is a leading on-cloud enterprise software product company, which is stepping up to help corporate businesses in this need of the hour. It is also aiding other sectors such as manufacturing industry, real estate, BFSI, and others to maintain liquidity in the market and prosper their business even from the comfort of their homes, as they digitise their legal agreements on the cloud and work closely while joining hands with the latest technology.

Source: NewsVoir