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Symsoft Launches SS7 Firewall To Protect Mobile Operators From Security Threats

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, February 4, 2015 – Symsoft launches an SS7 Firewall in response to security threats in mobile operator networks that were recently brought to public attention. Symsoft’s advanced solution provides mobile operators protection against all the outlined threats.

Research recently published at the Chaos Communication Congress in Germany has brought public attention to serious vulnerabilities in SS7, the global telecommunication network that enables mobile operators to communicate with each other when setting up and routing calls, texts and data services. The reported threats include intercepted phone calls and text messages, individual subscribers being located down to street level and subscriber profiles being tampered with or even made completely unavailable.

Telecommunication networks are essential infrastructure in most societies today. People and businesses depend on telecom operators to ensure reliable and protected communication for both traditional mobile services and increasingly for M2M and IoT applications. Some of the reported security threats are already being exploited on an industrial level to track subscribers.

Symsoft“There is an increasing number of operators, virtual operators, enterprises and independent communication service providers utilizing operator signaling networks. The need for individual operator network protection has therefore increased.“ comments Petter Näslund, VP Product Marketing at Symsoft. He continues “Symsoft has extensive experience in network protection and we understand the many challenges that operators face. Our understanding and our new advanced security solution will help operators ensure subscriber trust and significantly reduce the risk of fraud.”

Symsoft SS7 Firewall protects mobile operators from attacks by inspecting signaling in SS7 networks in real time. With an intelligent filter, Illicit attacks and traffic patterns can be blocked immediately, ensuring that third parties are unable to access or change subscriber information. Symsoft SS7 Firewall is now available globally: